16 Outfits that show why jeans and heels are best friends


The jeans They are a basic garment in the wardrobe of every woman because they combine with everything and are very comfortable. When you arm a outfit with your favorite denim pants, the most common thing is that you wear boots or tennis shoes to give them a casual look, but if you combine them with heels you will look fabulous and elegant.

If you're not sure, these 16 looks will convince you that the comfort of jeans It is not fought with the glamor of high-heeled shoes.

1. The heels and the right blouse will make you look fashionable

2. Highlight the dark colors with red heels

3. Add colorful details that make you stand out

4. The Animal Print it's a classic that will not go out of style

5. Heels do not necessarily have to be needle

6. Boots type chunky they will give you stability

7. Wear a transparent dress on top of you outfit

8. Dare to show off bralette

9. Shoes and bolsters are worn wonderfully

10. Use your party slippers in a casual way

11. Show your soul rocker with network pantyhose

12. The jeans worn out they give you an urban touch

13. Complement your outfit with a jacket vintage

14. Do not be afraid of the neon color

15. Stiletto heels make even worn and baggy pants look chic

16. The jeans and the heels are the best friends!