16 Memes that perfectly describe the pre-sale chaos of Avengers: Engame


The euphoria for the premiere of Avengers: Endgame It is such that everyone seems to have gone mad. You only talk about that on social networks and it's probably the central conversation when you go out with your friends. And it is not for less because we are before a bittersweet outcome.

The presale was a complete chaos both in the cinema and on the Internet, and there was so much demand that the pages of Cinépolis and Cinemex collapsed, so many people could not purchase tickets. Leaving aside his personal tragedy, this madness left us these 16 funny reactions on Twitter. Well they say that bad weather, good face, right?

1. I do not want to leave, Mr. Stark

2. Oh, but what a fool

3. Quiet, nothing happens, tran

4. They are with all the calm of the world

5. The university can wait

6. They underestimate my stubbornness

7. Thanks for nothing

8. Where are my tickets to go?

9. And now?

10. What elegance of France

11. When the odds of getting tickets are almost nil

12. Or worse yet

13. Total chaos!

14. There are two types of people

15. Fallen soldiers

16. Surely they did what they could

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