16 Funny images of men imitating girls on Instagram, part IV


Every modern girl usually spends hours updating her profile in Instagram. And is that over the last couple of years, the platform to share images and video has been positioned among the most popular networks in the history of the Internet, but although all this sounds most attractive, probably the only dark side of this social network it would be the feminine fashions that return to a casual image, the most boring of clichés.

Let's be honest, every girl basic (who follows trends because it is what she likes and does not pretend to be different), she loves to use the same old tricks to look cute and fashionable. From the poses, the hashtags up to the concept; bill Brosbeingbasic (friends being basic) is almost a jewel of our generation millennial and without a doubt, the best reason to laugh a little about our culture of social networks, from the feminine perspective. Welcome to the fourth part of this series with 16 fun pictures of men acting as women in Instagram! Any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence or the fault is the Internet.

1. They also want to look sexy at breakfast

2. And share a bit of how they consent

3. Surprise, kit of beauty for man!

4. Good morning, Mr. Sun!

5. Those photo sessions where the concept is casual

6. Travel between friends and pose nothing forced

7. Those who boast gymnasts skills could not miss

8. There is no argument, he wins

9. Are these poses familiar?

10. Incredible Coachella, see you next year

11. To me Instagram He lacks a photo style The Little Mermaid '

12. Without bra, but with a lot of love !

13. Goals in a friendship

14. Proud father

15. They also die for a picture like that

16. One Beyoncé copied my idea for a photo shoot

Hilarious Pics Of Men Mimicking Women’s Instagram Photos (September 2022)