16 Errors in Beauty and the Beast that you will only notice if you pay close attention


Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic that, beyond being a love story, taught us that appearances are just that and you should not judge a book by its cover.

If you are a true fan of princesses, you have seen the movie countless times, but have you noticed these mistakes? If not, do not feel bad, some are almost imperceptible. Also, with errors and everything, the movie is still magical!

1. Steps that change

When Gaston arrives at Bella's house to try to conquer her there are six steps, but when she runs it there are only three.

2. The door opens on both sides

In the same scenes of the previous point you can see how the door of the entrance opens first outwards and finally inwards.

3. The book changes color

The book in Bella's hands is red, but leaving it in the basket turns purple.

4. Objects that disappear

Before Gaston put his dirty boots on Bella's book, there is a blower to fan the fire in the fireplace, but when he drops the boots he is gone.

5. Change of attire

Maybe the shirt just hindered him and that's why he rolled it up.

6. Windows more girls

This error is almost imperceptible, but the last row of windows has disappeared.

7. Ambidextrous beauty

When Beast is hurt by Gastón and Bella consoles him, first he caresses it with his right hand and in the next scene he does it with the opposite hand.

8. Trees are not saved

It is a tiny detail and difficult to see, but at the end of the prologue there is a dead tree that, after the sky is illuminated by lightning, loses its branches.

9. Scratches that change direction

When Beast scratches his portrait, the scratches go from left to right, but then the marks change direction; In addition, the paint is more damaged.

10. Clothing that is self-repairing

Beast has a hole in his sleeve when he becomes a human, but soon after he is gone.

11. The floor moves

The tiles are at the same level as the wall in the scene where Mrs. Potts and Chip greet Bella in her room, but when Din Don enters they do not match anymore.

12. Chip is broken on both sides

Throughout the film the broken part of Chip is on the right side of his face, but at the end of the song Something new change of place

13. The haunted basket

When Bella sits down to read a book in the fountain, a basket of clothes appears next to the woman who is washing.

14. The doors change size

If you take as a reference the place where Gastón's hands are resting when he tries to kiss Bella, you will notice that the tables do not coincide in both scenes.

15. Where were your shoes?

During the fight in the castle, Gaston's henchman, LeFou, had lost a shoe but soon after he has it back.

16. Faster than a blink

If you look at this scene without blinking, you will see that Mrs. Potts' eyes are completely black for a moment.

We still love the movie!

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