16 Enchanting accessories worthy of the MCU; They are more beautiful than the Gems of Infinity


Even though Avengers: Endgame It marked the end for some of the superheroes that appeared in the saga, our love for Iron-Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Groot and others is still current.

But not everything is weeping and sadness, because now you can pay tribute to them and bring them close to your heart with some of these gems. They are not the Gems of Infinity and you will not be able to give a click to convince the Russo brothers to create more movies with our favorite Avengers, but they are ideal to complete your look and be a avenger of fashion.

1. Are you worthy to carry Thor's Mjörlin?

Prepare to be the new queen of Asgard.

2. Spider-Man will weave the best designs for you

Mary Jane will be jealous.

3. Carol Danvers always arrives on time

He is so punctual to defeat Skrulls.

4. Iron-Man never loses style

Pepper Potts did the design!

5. Be careful! Loki could come to steal the tesect

Resguárdarlo under your skin.

6. Change your reality with the Eye of Agamotto

Ancient One and Dr. Strange will teach you how to use it in your favor.

7. Build your own gauntlet with these infinity rings

You will be invincible.

8. Bring the entire strength of Capitana Marvel with a chic touch

Get it on Etsy.

9. You will want to wear them in each of your hairstyles

Get them in your different designs.

10. Wakanda forever!

They are made of vibranium.

11. The Orb of Guardians of the Galaxy!

Gamora and Peter Quill trust that you will keep him safe.

12. You never know when Hawkeye's help will be needed

Prepare your bow and shoot directly at your heart crush!

13. Dark and sensual like Black Widow

Get it online.

14. I love you three thousand!

Emerald bracelet with the phrase "I love you three thousand", Marvel inspired jewelry

Perfect for a declaration of love.

15. Imagine having the power of Scarlet Witch

Thanos is trembling with fear.

16. I am Groot!

Become a guardian of the Galaxy.

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