16 Actors that will be remembered by a character; it does not matter how many movies they film


Many times we have seen films that have marked us and in which the main character is stored in our memory. It also happens that this sometimes leads to the success of the actor who plays that role, filling it with interviews, reflectors and money.

But Hollywood is cruel: one day you're at the top, everything seems to go great, and the day after the whole world just reminds you of a job. This has happened to these actors, who despite making various films, series, commercials and even music videos, are only remembered by one of their characters.

1. Daniel Radcliffe


Harry Potter

This is what happens when you record eight movies with the same character.

2. Elijah Wood


Frodo Baggins

No matter how many films he films, he will always be remembered as the boy of the Fellowship of the Ring.

3. Tobey Maguire


Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

It appeared in other films in which it was protagonist, but they did not have as much fame as the arachnid.

4. Macaulay Culkin


Kevin McAllister (My poor angel)

After filming several films during his childhood, the actor was immersed in drugs and moved away from the spotlight.

5. Bryan Cranston


Walter White

There can not be another actor who incarnates Walter as well as Cranston. His great performance made us forget other outstanding roles during his long career.

6. Hugh Laurie


Gregory House (Dr. House)

Despite being the father of Stuart Little and a thief of Dalmatians, the actor did not have another outstanding role.

7. Wentworth Miller


Michael Scofield

He participated in tapes like Resident Evil, but he has never been recognized for it, but for being the fugitive genius of Prison Break.

8. Keanu Reeves


Thomas Anderson (Neo)

He had many roles before and after filming Matrix, but it is still remembered as Neo.

9. Norman Reedus


Daryl Dixon

Before The Walking Dead He had had few papers to be recognized.

10. Jim Parsons


Sheldon Cooper

He has participated in several films, but none of them as important as the series The Big Bang Theory.

11. Vin Diesel


Dominic Toretto

It is also Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, but between being no longer recognized as Toretto and being like a talking tree, it is almost impossible.

12. Haley Joel Osment


Cole Sear

He was another actor who became famous when he was a child. His interpretation as Cole, in Sixth Sense It was amazing and he achieved an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. What we never imagined is that this character would become his shadow.

13. Rupert Grint


Ron Weasley

At the moment it is part of the series Snatch. But his role has not been so remarkable.

14. Melissa Joan Hart


Sabrina Spellman

It's been 22 years since we saw it in Sabrina, the teenage witch, and so far there is no other memorable role in his career.

15. Peter Dinklage


Tyrion Lannister

The actor broke several stereotypes in Hollywood, but that does not give him the privilege of being remembered for other roles outside of Game of Thrones.

16. Michael C. Hall


Dexter Morgan

His most recent work is in the series SafeNonetheless, he is still remembered as the smartest killer on the screen.

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