15 Ways to show off baggy trousers this year; The palazzo will be your look of 2018!


Nothing more comfortable than ample pants, extremely cool for summer. All styles of leggings with wide legs, combined in the right way, can turn the piece over chic in your wardrobe. It does not matter if they are gaucho pants or culottes (they end above the ankles) or elephant foot or palazzo (They are so wide leg that they look like skirts).

Below you will find a way to combine them and look gorgeous while lighting this comfortable garment.

1. To see you elegant, some ballerinas pointed and bright accessories

2. A female blouse and high heels

3. To look professional, a bag and kittens

4. For cold days, a sweater, coat and heels style oxford

5. Highlight your waist with a matching belt

6. Booties are an excellent option to combine

7. In those casual days nothing better than a shirt and tennis

8. The white blouse of buttons and ones flats pointed to lengthen your legs

9. For the girl rocker, a look 100% black

10. Elegant and comfortable at the same time

11. A culotte white that highlights with the heels and the blouse

12. For those days of extra comfort, wear loose clothing

13. A striking necklace over a simple blouse and heels nude

14. A maxi sweater with a matching windbreaker

15. A blouse of flowers and a jacket to look very glamorous