15 Uses and benefits of Vaseline that will make you look beautiful


Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, can become the perfect ally of all women. It is known for its multiple benefits in different areas, including beauty.

Here we show you several uses of this useful product that you can find in any pharmacy at low cost. They will help you look beautiful.

1. Perfect softener

Apply a layer of Vaseline on hands, elbows or feet on these, after using pumice or special sandpaper. Let it act during the night and soon you will have as a result a delicious skin.

2. Enviable lips

Vaseline is perfect for moisturizing the lips. Ã? Ward after an exfoliation. You can also melt a bit of petroleum jelly with a piece of chocolate: at the moment of solidifying you will get your own lip gloss.

3. Radiant eyelashes

If you want to look longer lashes and abundant, Vaseline will be your best choice. Apply a coat on them every night before going to sleep and soon you will have the results you expect so much.

4. Avoid hair dye stains

One of the things that women hate most at the time of dyeing their hair are the horrible spots that remain on the scalp and its surroundings. That's why petroleum jelly will become an indispensable product when you want to change your hair color. Only cover with it the areas near where you will apply the dye and thus avoid the annoying spots.

5. Eyebrows in place

For those days when your eyebrows become rebellious, only apply a small amount of Vaseline and this will keep them in place.

6. Depilation

Hair removal is a moment that every woman would like to avoid. It is painful and also your skin is irritated for hours, and sometimes even for days. But this is over. When finished, just apply a little Vaseline and this will help to significantly reduce the irritation.

7. Remove the cuticles

To get an enviable manicure, apply Vaseline on your fingers, this will soften your cuticles and allow you to remove excess skin around your nails in an easier and painless way.

8. Protect your tattoos

Petroleum jelly is a great help when you have just had a tattoo. We can not forget that tattoos are a wound on the skin. Apply a little of this product on it and it will cause it to heal faster, maintaining the colors.

9. Impeccable skin

Apply a little Vaseline on your face will bring various benefits. You can noticeably reduce the age marks that form around the eyes or mouth. Also, on those difficult nights that make you wake up with your face swollen and tired, let it act during the night: the next day you'll look rested and ready for your new day.

10. Counteract dandruff

If you apply Vaseline on your scalp before shampoo, it will help reduce itching and improve the problem of dandruff.

11. Effective make-up remover

Do not use more expensive products to remove make-up, just apply plenty of petroleum jelly on your face and it will help you remove any makeup residue.

12. With nail polish

Now you can wear perfectly painted nails. Smear some Vaseline around your nails: when you finish painting them, remove it and the excess will come off easily.

You can also add a little Vaseline around the lid of your enamel, this will prevent you from battling when opening it.

13. Creamy Blush

Mix a little Vaseline with lipstick and you will get a creamy blush that will color your cheeks.

14. Against the dry tips

Having a long and silky hair requires great care that is sometimes expensive. Take with your fingers a small amount of petroleum jelly and distribute only at the tips of your hair.

15. Shadows for your eyes

Mix your shadows with a little Vaseline and you will have new colors with a touch of shine that will last longer. You will look spectacular.

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