15 unicorn wallpapers to fill your fantasy mobile


Turn your phone into a fairy tale with wallpapers inspired by unicorns.

When you unlock your mobile you will enter a magical world where these mythical beings will take you to gallop between the best fun apps, gossip, fashion and, of course, your favorite online page PinkMyRide.

1. Fantasy and reality in a single click

2. Let your hands feel the softness of the velvet

3. There's nothing cuter than a love about the rainbow

4. To the infinite and beyond!

5. Who said that unicorns do not go from antrum?

6. Because a single unicorn is not enough

7. Few are worthy to wear the crown

8. An explosion of colors!

9. Unicorns on the moon?

10. Handbook for unique girls

11. The perfect balance between minimalism and fantasy

12. One pink touch for each unlocking

13. Perfect for the next season

14. You will not stop looking at it even for a second

15. Chubby and pretty boys

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