15 Unforgettable films that premiered 20 years ago; they will give you fair in youth


The already distant 1999 was 20 years ago! What does that mean? That we are all adults, that our love life is stable, we have a managerial position, we travel around the world and that all this is a Guajiro dream, based on our favorite movies.

Yes, the films that we saw more than 20 years ago influenced our way of seeing the world and the achievements we set ourselves, in some cases of course; Maybe their stories were very far from reality and they made us see life rosy. Despite this, we love seeing them again and again.

1. Shes All That

Zach makes a bet with his friend Dean: get any girl from school to become the new queen of the end of the year party; The chosen girl is Laney. After that, Zach begins with his conquest without imagining how difficult it will be.

2. Jawbreaker

Three girls decide to make a joke to a friend and kidnaps for fun: Liz dies accidentally, suffocated by a Tooth breaker, a giant candy. Courtney, Julie and Marcie decide to disguise their crime. Only Fern Mayo, a poor girl who nobody pays attention to, knows what actually happened.

3. Cruel intentions

Kathryn makes a bet with her stepbrother Sebastian: he has to have intimate relationships with Annette, a girl who wants to be a virgin until marriage. If the boy loses the bet, Kathryn will keep his new car and, if he wins, Sebastian will have her.

4. 10 things I hate about you

It may be the music or the performances, we really will never know but this film is still one of the girls' favorites.

5. Matrix

A fictional story about a hero who must free humanity from the slavery of machines.

6. The Mummy

In 1923, Rick OConnell discovered by chance the ruins of Hamunaptra. When he decides to tell the secret he has in his hands to a young researcher and his brother, the three seek the treasure of the pharaohs awakening the curse of the mummy.

7. Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace

It shows the childhood of Darth Vader, the past of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the resurgence of the Sith, the Jedi knights dominated by the Dark Side.

8. Tarzan

When a gorilla finds an orphaned child in the jungle, she adopts it as her own son. The little one, named Tarzan, will grow up with a funny monkey and a small elephant, with whom he develops animal instincts. Everything changes when Tarzan meets Jane, a distinguished and educated lady who has been raised in the human world.

9. American Pie

A group of inexperienced young people seeking answers to love and sexuality.

10. The Blair Witch Project

In 1994, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael Williams went into a Maryland forest to record a documentary about the local legend, Blair's wich. They were not heard from again.

11. The iron Giant

In the town of Rockwell, a child has seen a huge robot fall into the sea. A strong friendship develops between them, but the government sends an agent to investigate the facts.

12. The sixth Sense

The renowned child psychologist Malcom Crowe meets Cole Sear, a child who seems confused, but in reality has a supernatural gift.

13. The fight Club

On a plane ride a boy meets a charismatic soap vendor who holds a very particular theory: perfectionism is a matter of weak people; only self-destruction makes life worthwhile. They both decide to found a secret fight club, where they unload their frustrations and their anger.

14. Boys Dont Cry

Teena Brandon has always wanted to be a boy. So one day she decides to cut her hair, hide her breasts under a tight bandage and change the order of her name, to become Brandon Teena.

15. Toy Story 2

When Andy goes camping leaving his toys alone, Al McWhiggin, a collector of valuable toys, kidnaps Woody. Buzz Lightyear and the other toys will have to act quickly if they want to rescue him.

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