15 Underground movies perfect for a marathon out of the ordinary


If you're tired of Hollywood only projecting refritos and second or even eighths of movies, maybe you should take a look at this list of selected films.

The independent cinema was born with the aim of distancing itself from the commercial, the trite stories and the special effects, but it has not received the recognition that is due. However, their creations are jewels of the seventh art worthy of an extraordinary marathon.

1. Goodbye Berlin

Tschick steals a car so that Maik goes to the party and can declare himself to the girl of his dreams. Then they flee to Berlin and their friendship grows.

2. Girl

Lara is a transgender girl who dreams of being a dancer. He has medically prepared to change gender, but because of an infection he does not achieve his goal. She suffers the transphobia of her dance partners and makes a decision that will free her from her emotional suffering.

3. Skate Kitchen

Camille always behaved, played and dressed as a child. Now that she lives with her mother she feels lonely and lost, until she meets some girls with her same taste for skate.

4. Flower

Erica is a girl who is not considered ready, but a righteous who catches pedophiles, because she cheats them and then blackmail them. One day she meets her stepbrother Luke, at first she dislikes him, but he has a story like the one she and her friends try to thwart. His justice gets out of hand and ends up fleeing the city.

5. Melissa P.

Melissa is a lonely girl who shows us her autobiography about her path to sexual maturity.

6. Córki Dancingu

A family adopts two sisters mermaids. One of them falls in love with her stepbrother and moves away from her sister, and her killer siren nature is revealed.

7. Blame

Abigail is chosen for the role of villain in a school play and with her teacher she transforms to stop being annoyed.

8. Do not look at me

A shy girl with personality disorder. its another me Help her get back at those who bothered her at school.

9. Mustang

Five orphan sisters who live in a Turkish village have to face a conservative society and arranged marriages.

10. Sees it

Murphy is an American in Paris who falls in love with Electra. Together they take the passion to its maximum level, until Murphy deceives to Electra and begins the fall of its relation.

11. Night Moves

Three radical ecologists plan an attack on a hydroelectric plant, but the unforeseen consequences of their actions change everything.

12. Enemy

It tells the story of Adam, a history teacher who leads a rather monotonous life. Everything changes when one day, watching a movie, discovers an actor identical to him. Obsessed with the idea of ​​having a double, Adam performs a strange search with unexpected consequences.

13. Only lovers survive

They are two vampires that have nothing to do with Twilight or Dracula. This couple of lovers lives for centuries pending only three things: the love they have for each other, their passion for art and get blood to survive.

14. Frank

An aspiring musician who feels lost joins an avant-garde pop group led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank: a genius of music who hides under a huge false head.

15. Under the Skin

It tells the story of a woman who seduces lonely men on the streets of Scotland, driving them to their final destination.

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