15 Types of lenses that give a chic touch to your outfit


Myopia is an increasingly common condition in our generation, and the constant use of cell phones, tablets and computers is causing people to lose little by little the ability to distinguish objects in the distance. Lenses are a great solution to this problem when we can not pay for corrective surgery.

But do not be afraid to ruin your appearance because of the glasses, fortunately there are beautiful models that are in trend. But if you have no idea which ones will look good, then here we leave you these 15 styles of lenses that you need for your myopia.

1. Your lenses can add a sexy touch to your style

2. Also, they help improve your vision

3. Look for almost invisible designs if you do not want them to be noticed

4. There are women and they are in trend

5. Look for those with elongated frames

6. Say yes to glasses with gradient colors

7. With a colorful frame

8. If you have a small face, choose small ones

9. Anti-mask style

10. If your face is oval, choose the squares

11. The classics always look good

12. Round and transparent

13. Some very Harry Potter

14. Roses will highlight your skin

15. Style vintage to see you more mature

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