15 Trends that you should try with your long mane before making a cut Bob


Autumn is already here and with it come new trends in clothing, accessories and hair styles that we can all use. Although we know that each girl brings with her a unique beauty, it does not hurt to renew each time that is possible, be it with a new cut, a dye or even a different hairstyle.

Change of look It is not easy, that is why we have compiled the best 15 trends of the autumn-winter season that will make you look radiant during the next holidays.

1. Cream soda

It is a perfect color to mix in darker roots, with a slight touch of discoloration. It will bring light to the face without becoming an excessive blonde.

2. Length with layered volume

Just remember that the layers should start from the chin down, to create an effect of thinness on your face and mark the volume on the bottom of your mane.

3. Melena midi with fringe or stripe to the center

The cutest short of the year returns with great strength. It is practical to comb and keep healthy.

4. Wet effect

This effect will continue beyond the summer, especially collected behind the ears. Combine it with looks Party and night to get an elegant touch.

5. Polar blonds

To achieve the ideal effect, the hair must be decoloured several times from the root. Before undergoing this procedure, verify that your hair is strong enough.

6. Melenas XXL

If you are lucky enough to wear ultra-long hair, it is time to take advantage of it. Otherwise, do not be afraid to use extensions.

7. Curly flecks

Yes, the curls will steal the season. Try using a little cream antifrizz to control them.

8. Style Shag

Casual to maintain a natural look.

9. Powerful chestnuts

It was evident that this dye appeared among the favorites of autumn.

10. Pixie grown up

Short hair also has a space this season and the pixies with appearance of growth are the most in what you can use

11. Braids

Hairstyles with braids are a trend for hair. From the simplest to the most elaborate, with romantic or carefree style, they will all look beautiful.

12. Extra volume

In this season the more volume your mane has, the more attractive you will look.

13. Natural waves

We can get a wavy mane of tendency without using color, with only the help of a brush and a little cream to comb.

14. Pigtails to gogo

At the nape of the neck, with very polished and worked hair, in an impeccable finish.

15. Headbands

Ribbons, bands or headbands become essential accessories this season.

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