15 Trends that meant something completely different at the beginning of 2000


It has been more than 15 years since the turn of the millennium and it seems that everything is moving so fast that what we believed to be the latest fad of fashion, is now the reflection of some of our most questionable tastes.

The trends of the beginning of the current century are already a memory perpetuated in photos, if you do not believe me, check out these images that will make you give thanks for the inevitable march of time.

1. Eyeshadow

The current trend is more natural, brown colors and nude, a little eyeliner to frame the look, mascara for eyelashes and go. A few years ago it was about fighting with the most exaggerated shadow palette you could find, blue, silver, violet, green, the more aggressive the better.

2. Tanning

At the beginning of the millennium, for some strange reason, the tan was synonymous with orange skin; things have returned to normal and now it's just about wearing one or two shades darker to the natural.

3. Belt

The belt is an accessory that is normally used to hold the pants, but in the year 2000 it was very well seen to wear it under the breasts on some loose and colorful blouse, and the bigger, the better.

4. Blouse

We all know that a blouse is a garment that is worn on the upper half of the body; Let's go back a few years ago when wearing a blouse was just using a piece of cloth to cover your chest, the shorter the more cool.

5. Brows

During 2000 the style in the eyebrows were two thin lines; Thank heaven we have regained our sanity and now only the hair is shaping a little and that's it.

6. Tie

The ties are usually worn around the neck to give seriousness to your style; but more than 15 years ago, some preferred to use them as a belt

7. Sweater

Sweater: wool garment that covers the upper part of the body and serves to keep you warm. Let's go back to the year 2000 where it was something like: fragment of wool that was used to keep only your chest and arms warm.

8. Lights

Nobody knew the balayage nor the subtlety of the light tones in the hair, what was fashionable was to bring thick wicks with blond or red colors.

9. Tracksuit

The tracksuit is the sports set that is used to exercise; and at the beginning of the millennium, it was like bringing a stuffed animal costume.

10. Jacket

Same case of the sweater, in 2000 everything was minimized, even what was supposed to shelter you.

11. Lipstick

Several tendencies of lipsticks had to be applied but one of the most notorious was the absence of color

12. Stockings

Its definition was distorted and for some reason we wanted to use leggins as stockings.

13. Jeans

Fortunately we no longer have to wear jeans with bandages on cuffs, shiny or metallic applications

14. Skirt

Years ago we thought that fashion was to have an asymmetrical skirt or with shapes similar to a piece of fabric tied around the waist.

15. Bangs

Thanks for leaving, a fashion in which cutting the tuft below the nose without any technique was the best for 2000.

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