15 Totally false beauty stereotypes that you need to leave behind


Are you tired of the stereotypes of beauty that have made us believe that we can not do many things or that we have to hide our bodies or feelings? It is incredible that we still let ourselves be manipulated by people who do not appreciate us and see how wonderful we are.

Each one is different, that is why we have to respect our way of being, learn to love ourselves as we are and fight for what we dream, especially when the current beauty standards are not real but a computer invention to sell us products and become something that we are not. It is time to take away those false beliefs and take control of our lives, accepting our unique and incredible personality.

1. Do not tell him what you like

False, on the contrary, at this time it is valid for women to reveal our feelings and if there is a boy you like, go ahead, try it; if it corresponds you can live a great story and if not, then he loses it and keep looking. Life is short and you can not waste your time.

2. Stretch marks and cellulite are horrible

And in the process they ask you to cover them. You have to know that all women have cellulite and the vast majority of stretch marks, especially after pregnancy and drastic weight changes. It is a normal hormonal disorder and we must accept them as the sign of the daily struggle of our bodies. So do not get frustrated and accept yourself as you are.

3. Children do not paint their nails

We have to learn to respect each individual as he is and to love him as such. If we see a man who likes to take care of his appearance or who likes to buy creams for his face, we immediately catalog it. Each person does what they want from their life.

4. Do not wear skirts if you have skinny legs

You have legs and you have money to buy cute skirts that you like, do it and do not let what people think affects you at all; if they do not like that they do not see. It's your body and you know how to dress. The skirts were not made for the turned legs: they were made for women to wear them.

5. You would look better if you lose weight

You look better smiling and accepting your body as it is; Losing weight is an individual issue and everyone knows how to feel better. Do not do it because others think, do it because you want and take care of yourself. Exercise is the best way to tell you that you love yourself and it has many benefits for your health. It's difficult at first, but once you start it's just a matter of motivating yourself and having willpower.

6. That does not go with your body

It is true that fashion that suits you and you have to choose the style that you like most, but finally it is your money and it is your life, you will know how you dress. Remember that you do not live to make others happy, but yourself.

7. At a certain age, it looks bad

We are used to seeing women of a certain age with clothes that cover their entire body, but it is because they also lived in a time when everything was wrong; maybe they also wanted to wear skirts or paint their hair colored. Do not let society dictate what governs your life and dare to be who you really are.

8. If you do not put on your makeup you are a loose

If you like how you look without makeup, I congratulate you! You are authentic and you do not need anything to show you just how you are. Do not let the opinion of others change your way of being.

9. You make up too much

If you make up a lot, you look like a clown; If you do not put on your makeup, you are not feminine. The fact is that you do not like anyone and, to top it off, you become indecisive.

10. Do not wear necklines

If you have many bubis, you look bad, you are teaching everything; If you have few, they do not like you because you look like a man. The reality is that people do not know how to appreciate you for what you really are.

11. If you're fat you're not going to get a boyfriend

It is proven that plump women are what make their boyfriends happier, it's all about attitude. So do not listen to the comments and feel proud to be the way you are.

12. Only blondes, thin and tall can be models

That is a complete lie. Currently many models are changing the stereotypes of beauty, showing that we are all beautiful, it's just a matter of taking advantage of the attributes we have.

13. Short hair is for men

So why do some men have the most beautiful and silky long hair I've ever seen? That's a lie, you can bring the cut that you like, and you can dye it as you like. Remember that there is only one life and it is to live it. So experiment with your hair, whenever you want and whatever. It's yours.

14. Tall girls do not wear heels

The heels are used to stylize the figure and all women have the right to use them if we want, so do not let yourself be influenced by the opinion of others and do not listen to criticism. But be careful, Okay?

15. Chunky girls are not feminine

No way! They are very sexy and attract many men; In addition, they can defend themselves and know what is best for them. The important thing is that you like what you see in front of the mirror every day. Love yourself as you are!

Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model. | Cameron Russell (September 2020)