15 Tips from celebrities to take advantage of the oversized trend


When we talk about fashion we also talk about comfort and the trend oversized It is the perfect blend of both characteristics.

The secret to make your big clothes fit like a ring is to combine it with the right accessories, just like these 15 celebrities who managed to take advantage of their clothes oversized If they could, we too!

1. Rihanna

It is not just about buying clothes some sizes larger than usual, there are also wide garments that give the effect oversized, but they fit in the right places like the length of the sleeves, for example.

2. Camila Cabello

All respected girlfriends have robbed their boy of a sweatshirt or shirt (sometimes more, ups!) And besides that we love to smell his perfume, they are also very comfortable. Combine them with ones jeans tight and high boots to compensate width with height.

3. Maisie Williams

The granny sweaters that we hated so much when we were preadolescents have returned with great force. They are perfect to give you a carefree look and vintage

4. Paris Jackson

If you are going to use a jacket, sweatshirt or shirt oversized, try to wear tight pants, either jeans, leggins or, even, a pencil type skirt.

5. Sabrina Carpenter

Loose shirts are a classic and to use them in your favor the secret is to unbutton the buttons above to form a neckline. In addition, you can combine them with a shorts to stay cool.

6. Lucy Hale

Denim jackets are indispensable. Ã? Open rooms to create a straight line that will give the illusion of smallness.

7. Yuya

So that the extra fabric does not take over you can roll up your sleeves and expose your arms or show off your legs.

8. Victoria Justice

Wearing wide pants seems like a challenge, but it's really easy to make them play in your favor. How? You saw a croptop and shows a little skin.

9. Kylie Jenner

In addition to wearing tight pants or skirts to not look so bulky, you can also comb with a pigtail, chongo or braids. The joke is not to give so much volume to your mane and keep things simple.

10. Gigi Hadid

Choose an outfit completely oversized can play against you because it will make you look very big. The secret to take advantage is to highlight your waist with a belt.

11. Ariana Grande

Ariana has taken over this look, it is common to see her use hoodies wide as if they were dressed. Your secret? Combining shorts and tall boots stylize her legs and make her look tall.

12. Zendaya

By wearing clothes that widen and make you look a little more chaparra, it is best to use heels to gain height, but this does not mean that tennis is prohibited. To use them, it is best to leave your legs uncovered.

13. Selena Gomez

The shirts rockers they became indispensable fashion garments that look great and with simple trousers denim washed out

14. Alexa Chung

If you are going to wear large clothes, try to make your bag small so that you do not increase the volume unnecessarily. A handbag will balance things.

15. Cara Delevingne

This tendency requires that you have a lot of attitude because it will inevitably make you look bigger and your security will help you project a great image.

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