15 times in which Kendall Jenner was the queen of the minidresses


Kendall Jenner has positioned herself as one of the best models of recent times, thanks to the fact that she looks amazing in any outfit, she could even use a paper bag and still cause an impact. But there is a garment that became his favorite and that undoubtedly favors her: the short dress. Sure, maybe it's because his long legs do all the work.

Jenner always has a minidress for any occasion, whether he is on a red carpet or just walking around; appears with a polka dot design, with transparencies, striped and even velvet. If you want to be inspired by the style of the model, here we leave you 15 of your best little dresses.

1. This is a relaxed and simple outfit that anyone can copy

2. No one will be able to forget the little black dress that he used at the party of the Ã? scares

3. On her 21st birthday she shined with a deep neckline dress

4. This design gave it a tender appearance

5. Perfectly combined floral dress with black velvet boots

6. The dotted dress accentuated her figure very well

7. This dress was part of the Versace collection, and is perfect

8. Elie Saab's flirty white dress was a perfect choice for spring

9. Dresses with transparencies are the favorites of the model

10. The dress of sweater by Nicolas Jebran gave her a sexy look

11. Only Kendall can make black boots look good with a mustard dress

12. This dress does not need accessories to highlight

13. This is how a dress should be worn in the spring

14. The design of this dress gave it an informal touch

15. Stole glances with a pink velvet dress at the Tony Awards

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