15 Things you've cleaned badly all your life Do not do it anymore!


We have learned from our parents to clean the home, they from their parents and so on. Cleaning is one of the first tasks that we were taught to do in the right way. If your dad scrubbed the floors one way, you had to do it too, but what if you suddenly realize that the way you learned and passed from generation to generation could be wrong?

Well, I'm not saying you were wrong all your life, I mean there's a much simpler way to do it and in less time.

You do not believe me? Here, we present 15 things that you have been cleaning badly throughout your life:

1. Chopping boards

The soap for the frets can not always with these tables, and less if they are made of wood. The remains of food that get between the cuts end up staining and leaving odors on the tables. With half a lemon and a little Kosher salt carving for a few minutes and you will see how it disappears. If you do not have this type of salt, you can add a little sea salt.

2. Cookie mold

Carving with soap will not remove the annoying brand of baking cookies. Make a mixture with a 1/4 cup of baking soda, add a little oxygenated water to form a paste. Scale it with the carver throughout the stain and let it rest for a few hours, rinse and be as good as new.

3. Bathroom shower

There is no antisarro that clean the shower 100 percent. The vinegar does: pour white vinegar in a plastic bag, and with a garter or a bra placed the bag so that the head of the shower is submerged in the liquid, wait an hour and clean it with a damp flannel.

4. Mattress

It's one of the hardest things to clean, but not anymore! First vacuum each seam of your mattress, then spread baking soda to cover it completely. Leave it like this for a few hours and again aspire and go.

5. Cheese grater

I can not even count the amount of sponges I rallé to clean this utensil, but I found a better way to do it. You only need a potato. Rallalá and ready. The oxalic acid in this food will undo any stagnant residue of cheese. You can also have potatoes to fry!

6. Microwave

Do not get tired by carving the food that falls in your microwave. Fill a container with white vinegar and with the highest temperature of your appliance let it act for two minutes. Your micro will be wet and you can remove everything just by passing a wet flannel.

7. Toys

Washing each of your children's toys by hand is really exhausting and painful. Put all the ones that are made of rigid plastic and put them in the dishwasher and that's it. Do not put the soft plastic or you will ruin the dishwasher.

8. Coffee machine

When the coffee starts to know and smell different, it's time to clean your machine. Pour half the water in the jar and half with vinegar. Warm up in the lowest cycle and let it act for one hour. Empty the area for coffee, repeat the operation but do not leave the vinegar, as this could cause its aroma to penetrate. This advice does not apply to grain coffee makers.

9. Blinds

To clean them you use the vacuum cleaner? Using it is so ineffective that you just waste your time. This trick is super easy: you only need a pair of old socks, one you will moisten with water and vinegar to carve the blind and with the other you will dry it.

10. Teflon frying pans

Believe it or not, some people continue to clean their frying pan with soap and water. yes you are one of those, do not do it anymore! you only damage it Remove the remains of food, then with a paper towel for the kitchen clean the surface and with another but moistened with a little oil, form a light layer and save it.

11. Oil paints

Have your paintings already filled with dust and you do not know how to clean them? Do not worry, cut a pagel or piece of white flour bread in half and pass it like a sponge. The Dust will remain in the bread.

12. Blender

Have you been washing the blender in parts? Let's be a little lazy! Just put soap in the glass, put hot water and turn on the blender. Solita will be cleaned!

13. Toothbrush

There is a significant number of people who in their lives have cleaned it. Although it should be replaced every 3 months, it is important to clean it at least once a month. In a glass with white vinegar, insert your brush for two hours and it will be ready to use.

14. Toaster

The taps do not clean it completely. The outer part needs to be shiny. A little anti-cream and a sponge will suffice to make it look like new.

15. Oven

Make a paste of baking soda and water, spread it all over the inside of the oven.Let it rest all night and with a moist flannel remove it in the morning, then with a little vinegar in a sprayer you should remove the traces of fat. Turn on your oven for 20 minutes at the lowest temperature to dry.

Did you know any of these remedies? Which ones do you apply?

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