15 Things you should not explain to anyone (even if you think otherwise)


Many decisions we make in life, ranging from what we do, how we behave and how we relate to others, are subject to indiscreet questions and comments from those around us. Family members, friends, and even an odd stranger, often have an opinion about the things we do.

Sometimes, people go so far that they ask you for explanations about the decisions you make for your own life. You may feel compelled to respond, but some things are only matters that nobody else cares about, only you. Here are 15 things about which you should not give any explanation to anyone, although sometimes you think the opposite:

1. Your situation in life

Whether you're living with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, staying in different places throughout the country, or even with your parents despite having already more than twenty, you do not have to give any explanation to anyone about who you live with and why, if you do not want it.

If you are fully aware of your situation in life, then it means that you have your own reasons to find yourself in that circumstance, and it is not anyone else's business.

2. Your priorities

You have your own ideas about the things that make you and your loved ones feel really comfortable and happy, and that is your main priority. We are all unique individuals with different values, dreams and aspirations, so your basic priorities will be completely different from someone else's.

You should not give explanations about what is most important to you in life. That is a personal matter, not of others.

3. You should not apologize to anyone if you do not feel it

Scene from the movie "The proposal"

If you do not regret your actions and still think that someone else is wrong about something or you do not care about another person's forgiveness, then you do not have to apologize. Many people apologize quickly because they feel it is the right thing to do. They try to repair wounds that are not yet ready to be healed and all they do is aggravate the damage.

You do not have to ask for forgiveness if you do not feel it, or if your version of the facts has not been heard.

4. For wanting alone time

You probably worry about looking rude, antisocial or distant when you cancel a plan or other commitments because you need to have some time alone to clear, rest or just enjoy a good book on your own. However, spending time alone is something completely normal, natural and necessary that more people should adopt.

Dare to take some time alone without giving explanations to anyone.

5. About your personal beliefs

Just because someone shares their personal beliefs with passion does not mean you have to sit and nod in approval. If you do not share the same beliefs, you do not have to suppress your own thoughts and feelings, and pretend that you agree on everything.

It is okay to disagree with grace, as well as decide to reserve what you think.

6. You do not have to say yes to everything

GIF Beyonce saying "No"

You have the right to say no when there is not enough reason to say yes. In fact, the most successful people are those who have mastered the art of saying no.

Recognize the generosity of others and be thankful for it, but do not be afraid to politely decline anything that is far from your goals and priorities.

7. Your physical appearance

You can be thin, full, tall, short, pretty or not so much, but you do not have to give any explanation as to why you look like you look. Your physical appearance is a personal matter and the obligations are only with yourself. Your physical appearance should not determine your self-esteem, and in that sense, the opinions of others hardly help.

8. Your food preferences

There are certain foods that you simply do not like for different reasons, including taste or your health. You do not have to give explanations about your preferences. If someone questions you what you eat or do not eat, shrug your shoulders and just say that this way you feel better. (You can also answer yes).

9. Your sex life

While it is agreed with another adult, you should not explain to anyone where, when and how you handle your sex life. You can wait until marriage, have adventures of a single night or experience the pleasure of your heart, but in any case, you do not have to give explanations about your preferences.

10. About your career and life options

Sometimes circumstances force us to choose between work and having a life. The decision is not always easy and you could end up choosing an activity that will give you security in the future, even if you do not love it.Either way, you should not give explanations to anyone to choose your career over your personal life or vice versa, as long as you have the certainty of what you are doing and why you do it.

11. About your religious or political beliefs

Scene from the movie "Eat, pray, love"

It does not matter if you are Catholic or Protestant, that you participate politically or stay away: it is a personal choice. In this matter, as in almost everyone in life, you should not give explanations of why you are like that and why you believe in certain things.

If someone is not able to accept what you are, that is their problem, not yours.

12. About your bachelor

It does not matter if you are single: it is not a personality disorder. You are free to be or not in a relationship. You are much more than a civil status, and being single is just a social label that is none of your business except yours.

13. You should not go to an appointment just because they invited you

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Someone could be nice, handsome, and even provoke some interest, but you should not commit to dating him just because he asked you to. If you do not want to go to that appointment (or anybody, of any gender), then do not do it. You can give a reason for your decision, but make it brief and concise.

14. About your position before marriage

Regardless of whether you decide to get married and have children or be single and not have them, it is a personal decision. Even your mother, who is dying to have grandchildren, should understand that marriage is a personal decision and is not made for everyone. She must respect your decisions about it, no matter how difficult it may be.

15. About the relationships you choose

Sometimes people make inappropriate comments about your love relationships, which is not really your business. You may hear opinions like: you are NOT the perfect match (or are the perfect match, which is why you should never leave it); You should find someone else However, you are not responsible to anyone other than yourself for your relationships. Live your life and never leave or remain in a relationship just because someone else says you have to do it. Make your own mistakes, but always learn from them.

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