15 Things you should NEVER tell a person who LOVES dogs


Who is a dog lover knows that they are also a member of the family that receives attention and affection, so there are some things that simply can not be told to those of us who have a furry best friend without expecting to be disturbed.

Dogs play with you, they entertain you, they keep you company, they are faithful and they are the most happy when you get home. They are the perfect companions! But that which is evident to us is not so much for those who do not have a pet and make the mistake of making comments like the following.

1. Is not it disgusting to lick you?

How are we not going to leave? It's their way of telling us they love us!

2. How can you share your meal with him and then continue eating as usual?

If they ate with a knife and fork, then they would not be dogs!

3. Your house is full of hair, right?

That is a total lie, some owners are very hygienic with our dogs.

4. Dogs can not live in a small apartment

Of course they can, it is better that they live in a home full of love than in a shelter.

5. You talk to your dog as if he were your son

We talk to them because they are part of our family, so we show our love for them.

6. How do you allow your dog to get on the bed?

When you love someone you always allow them certain things, and with the animals the same thing happens, so they can accompany us to sleep if they want.

7. I would not stand to raise your waste

Nobody likes to lift them, but it is part of the responsibility of having a pet.

8. Create an account of your dog on Instagram is for weird people

Of course you will not say the same when you see the Instagram of Zappa. You will fall in love with that adorable puppy with his tongue out!

9. Your dog is very old already, how long will he live?

This really is annoying, nobody likes to think about the death of a loved one. Even if you do not like animals you should be more considerate. Have a little sensitivity!

10. He will never answer you, stop talking to him!

We already know that they can not speak, but they are more understanding than many people.

11. Do not you feel lazy to take him out for a walk every day?

It is a very small sacrifice that we make for our pet. There is nothing that compares to your fun face when you play a while in the fresh air.

12. A dog does not stop being dangerous

Neither do humans cease to be so. Most are very peaceful. In fact, human beings treat them worse than they do us.

13. I do not like his smell

And we do not like how the metro smells in the morning. But we all know that the owner is responsible for the hygiene of your pet, not everyone smells bad.

14. You should not leave a dog and a child together in the same room

Of course you can, they are excellent at protecting them!

15. Dogs should not stop coming here

Many people are still surprised to see a dog in a store or on public transport, but if the owner watches it constantly it will not bother anyone. In fact, in several countries there is a day when you can take your dog to work. They need to be more tolerant!

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