15 Things you did not know about Ross Butler, the sexiest athlete in Riverdale


It's been over a year since we first saw Ross James Fleming Butler as Reggie in Riverdale and Zach in 13 Reasons Why, and we have not overcome our obsession with him yet.

To learn more about his life, we have compiled a series of photographs and personal information of the actor that you can not miss.

1. It is stealing the hearts of thousands of girls

2. Maybe it's because of his sweet smile

3. For his incredible and well-worked musculature

4. We do not know the truth, but the truth is

5. He graduated from the University of Ohio in chemical engineering

6. He is a lover of extreme sport

7. Play the guitar and the piano like a professional

8. Your favorite sports are tennis and basketball

9. And ours is to admire it for hours in front of the monitor

10. He has worked in 18 productions for film and television

11. He is willing to prepare breakfast every day

12. Well, cooking is your passion

13. He is very reserved about his personal life

14. But we know that for the moment he is single

15. And this makes him the perfect boy

Riverdale | Charles Melton Interview: With Open Arms | The CW (February 2020)