15 Things you did not know about Disney movies and they will leave you totally surprised


Whether we like it or not, Disney films have been present throughout our lives. Many of us grew up with classic films based on stories by Brothers Grimm or Lewis Carroll, until we reach the most recent productions like Tangled or Frozen.

Behind all these wonderful tapes there are rumors and stories about secrets related to production. We present you with things you did not know about Disney movies.

1. Snow White it was the first movie to have a soundtrack

2. Tangled is the first film based on a fairy tale animated entirely by computer

3. The book of the jungle It was the last film personally supervised by Disney

4. In 1989, Ariel was the first princess after 30 years to star in a movie

5. Alicia Keys auditioned three times to make the voice of Princess Tiana

6. With only 18 complete lines, Aurora's Sleeping Beauty she is the princess who speaks the least

7. The cries of the children of Monsters Inc. were recorded by the children of the animators

8. One minute of the movie The strange world of Jack It took a full week of recording

9. Beauty and the Beast It was the first animated film to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Film

10. Bernardo de The rescuers suffers from triskaidekaphobia, or fear of number 13

11. Campanita is not based on Marilyn Monroe as it was believed, but on model Margaret Kerry

12. Rapunzel and Flynn's Tangled appear in Elsa's coronation of Frozen

13. As well as Tiana and Naveen

14. Bella and the magic carpet of Aladdin appear in a scene from Hunchback of Notre Dame

15. Walt Disney played Peter Pan in a play when he was a student

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