15 Things you can do on your cell phone to relax when you feel social anxiety


You're stuck in the middle of a party, your friend does not come back from the bathroom and you do not know anyone else. If you feel uncomfortable, worried or even self-conscious, and need a break to start talking to a stranger, you probably suffer from social anxiety.

Before thinking that this is a guide to lose time stuck on your phone, realize that many people who have this condition take refuge in their cell phones in order to escape reality. Here are some recommendations you can try. They will help you to put your feet on the Earth and, eventually, to feel calmer.

1. Breathe and watch this relaxing GIF

If you are panicking: breathe to the rhythm of this GIF, focus on inhaling and exhaling when you change shape; You can count or just let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the animation.

2. Write notes about what worries you

If you're just waiting for the time to run away from the party or thinking about all you have to do tomorrow, dump all that mental verbiage in a note or a message without a sender; Write everything that worries or bothers you. You will feel better after removing it from your being.

3. Meditate for 10 minutes

The goal of meditation is to concentrate and relax the mind, to release consciousness. There are some applications like Headspace and YouTube videos that can help you let your fears flow. You only need a pair of headphones and get in touch with your inner self.

4. Write to your best friend

If you have a person who listens to you, advises you and is with you in good times and bad times, go to it; send a message telling you your feelings, maybe respond and help with words of encouragement. If you do not answer in the moment, surely it will do it later and in the same way you will remove from your head that paranoid idea that does nothing but worry you.

5. Play a little

Any entertaining game of the appstore can work, from the addictive angry Birds or Candy Crush even those designed for relaxation as Zen Koi or Prune, where you will raise colorful fish in crystal clear ponds or enjoy growing trees. Remember not to do it for more than 10 minutes so you do not stop interacting with other human beings.

6. Create an album of good times

Make a folder on your cell phone where you keep all those photos that make you feel at peace. Fill it with images of your favorite places, special moments, loved ones, funny memes or comforting illustrations. This will give you some perspective and strength to get out of that inner hole called anxiety.

7. See The Worlds Most Relaxing Film

This video of only seven minutes transports you to a horizon where the sun and vegetation are born, and the sound of the sea and the green pastures give your mind a feeling of tranquility.

8. In an empty message list what you have around you

It is a classic technique for people with anxiety. Use your phone and write down five things you see, four that you can play, three that you can listen to, two that you can smell and one that you can try; This makes you come back to reality and feel comfortable with what surrounds you. You can invent different lists if that amuses you.

9. Write an email for yourself

While you are on your phone, send an email in which you give yourself words of encouragement and everything you need to listen to each morning to get out of bed or, simply, to scare off those fears that haunt you during the day. Maybe it sounds a bit corny, but remembering yourself the beautiful person you are can give you extra motivation to keep living.

10. Check your calendar

When you feel stuck in an armchair or in a public place, time goes by slowly and it seems that the situation will never end. To remedy it, take a few minutes and review your next plans, someone's birthday, a concert, the premiere of the new season of your favorite series or an outing with friends that will help you remember that there is a future after this awkward moment.

11. Post reminders

Program alarms that remind you to take a break, meditate, dance for five minutes or anything that makes you feel better.

12. Read an entertaining article

Are you in a bar waiting for someone or do not know anyone at the party? You can take five minutes to read an article of interest, learn new things and you can even use it as an excuse to start a conversation.

13. Tell a loved one how much you care

Send a message to a friend or one of your aunts with whom you have not spoken in a good time, tell her what you like about that person or remind her of the good times they have spent together, maybe that person is bored looking at their phone and they can support each other.

14. Color

There are some apps as Colorfy where you can download beautiful mandalas or flower patterns, coloring relaxes to the maximum no matter your age and helps you release stress. Choose the one you like most; give yourself time to enjoy, breathe and return to action.

15. Pause

Pause is a app based on tai chi techniques to sharpen concentration at any time and place; you simply have to move your finger slowly following a circle on the screen. The effects of corporal relaxation after playing it are extremely beneficial.

Remember to use your cell phone only a few minutes to recover your center and return to reality; breathe and try. You never know when a stranger can become a good friend.

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