15 Things we forgot to THANK you for our best friend


My best friend is an extraordinary person. We are so different, but so similar! Although throughout my life I have had many friendships, some new and others that are strengthened every day, that great friend I have forgotten to thank you for things that although they seem simple, for me they have been valuable. You do not forget to do it.

1. Thank you for being there when I needed you

I know I can call you at 2 a.m. and you will come to my side. We all have our own issues to solve, but you have always made a space in your life, despite your occupations, to make sure I am well. When you need a shoulder to cry, I will always be yours.

2. Thank you for making sure you get home

When we go out, I feel safe with you. I know that when the night is over, especially if it's late, I'll somehow end up sleeping in a safe place. I can not always go back to my house, but it's only because yours is more comfortable, and honestly, sleeping outside when we go out to party is much more fun.

3. Thank you for making my birthdays an important celebration

As we get older, birthdays seem less important, but not when we are together. You make the day of my birth feel like a national holiday, for a whole week, and that is totally incredible.

4. Thank you for not letting me send messages or call when I have gone over the glasses

For all those times you've taken my phone and saved me many mornings that would otherwise be full of apologies until lunch, I thank you. Especially, for not letting me call my mother: she would worry too much.

5. Thanks for getting me out of my shell

I know it's easy for me to behave like someone who does not need friends, but thanks to your persistence you have an important place in my life. Even someone lonely needs friends.

6. Thanks for telling me when my hair looks good and when it does not

I love knowing that I can ask your opinion about any topic and you will be honest. If my hair looks bad, you will be the first to tell me, although you also have the power to know what my true color is in all aspects of my life.

7. Thanks for reminding me when I have a meeting

For all the times you've reminded me that I have to start getting ready NOW because I have an important meeting in 20 minutes, I love you.

8. Thank you for storing buffers in my bag because you know I forgot to do it

You know I'm irresponsible when it comes to this. I have been since you met me, and I have not improved. It's great that you know me so well that you warn me when my days are coming.

9. Thank you for drinking and singing with me at 3 in the morning

Those are the dawns that I crave for them to pass. Nothing better than going back together on a night out and singing at the top of our lungs those old songs that we did not get bored listening to in high school. Who does not love some good music at 3 in the morning?

10. Thanks for drying my tears

Sometimes life is difficult, but it is less difficult with you by my side. You always find a way to tell me that everything will be fine, and the times when you only dried the tears on my cheeks, the words were not necessary. By the way, I love you too.

11. Thanks for helping me mark my abs with laughs

When I'm with you, I can laugh until I feel real physical pain. I'm not sure how we do it.

12. Thank you because you like the same television programs that I do

As soon as I realized that we were addicted to the same programs, I knew we were going to be friends for life. Where would I be without our marathon of series and movies? Ah, how can we forget that we still have fun with the 236 episodes of Friends!

13. Thanks for recognizing when something is wrong with me

Sometimes I do not want to talk, or I just want to be alone. Thank you for not letting this become a problem or letting it come down on me without knowing what is happening to me. You always know what to say so that everything looks better.

14. Thank you for being happy for me when things are going well in my life

When things in my life are going very well, you are the first one that is ready to celebrate. You have never felt jealous or envious of the things that I have achieved, in which I have worked a lot. In fact, sometimes it seems that you are more excited than me.