15 Things that only girls who have grown up in a large family will understand


Having a huge family is simply wonderful, the amount of people you live with makes you grow as a sociable person and able to adapt to any type of situation. Something that undoubtedly characterizes large families are meetings where coexistence is so pleasant that you would like it to be the same every day.

Although on the other hand, at the end of the day, saying goodbye to them took more than an hour, you had to say goodbye to each of your cousins, uncles and especially your grandparents; If you would not be cataloged as the rude girl. After all, growing up with a huge family gave you all the fun you needed. These are 15 situations that do not make sense for girls who have a small family.

1. Watch television at Grandma's house? Forget it there was too much noise

2. It was a daunting task to bring everyone together for a family photo

3. The worst is the 100 thousand messages per minute they receive in the WhatsApp group

4. Your grandmother always said 27 different names before saying yours

5. It is very likely that your first best friends are your cousins

and they still are

6. You had an extensive wardrobe of clothes that your cousins ​​no longer wanted

7. At family gatherings the amount of food was colossal

He could feed all of Africa with all the dishes they prepared

8. They always separated children from the table of adults

9. Everyone took a year or two apart in ages

10. Introducing a boyfriend required a certain level of value

You had to be careful, they could leave you in shame or make the meeting nice

11. You and your cousins ​​were fascinated by listening to the stories told by your grandparents

12. There was nothing better than all the antics that you and your cousins ​​did

13. Like the activities when it was a picnic

14. When there were family parties you slept on the floor because it was impossible to reach bed

15. And say goodbye to everyone took at least an hour

So it was better to anticipate your farewell

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