15 Things that men will never admit to women

You are in the cinema with your boyfriend watching the saddest movie in history, the protagonist decided to get away from the love of his life so that she was happy, your tears start to sprout and your boyfriend just looks at you, smiles sarcastically and says: What idiocy! . What you do not know is that inside he is about to let go of the crying, although he tries to hide it.

Men also have feelings, but even in our times, they continue to carry the genetic legacy that forces them to appear brave and show no signs of weakness in front of women. It is in their nature, they are competitive, defensive and lonely. The only thing they try is to control the situation. But even if you do not believe it, feel and these are some of the things that they would like you to know.

1. You can also take the first step

Men reject rejection, so if they do not see a little interest, they will go away without saying anything. It's not that you have to come and invite your crush to a dinner, you just have to give her some signs that you are also interested, like caress her shoulder, smile shyly, give her some detail, whatever it is so that they feel safe when it comes to declaring their feelings.

2. They like self-confident girls

If a boy is by your side, it's because he likes you, you do not have to feel insecure or uncomfortable all the time. Remember that as you treat yourself and see yourself, it will be the same way the boy will treat you. Men prefer to date voluptuous but charismatic girls, rather than girls fitness but boring.

3. They do not understand the tricky questions

It is not a good idea to ask your man if he likes what you are wearing or if you look fat, because he will simply say the first thing that comes to mind, trying to fit in with you, but maybe it is not the answer you expect. It is best to be direct when talking with him.

4. They like compliments

Although it seems that they do not care and that their responsibility is to make you feel beautiful, they also like that you notice all the effort they did before leaving home for their date, those little details are what make the relationship stronger.

5. They also fear insects

It is normal for your boy to be afraid of cockroaches, rodents and all those little animals that give you terror, so maybe they take turns once in a while to get rid of them.

6. They like strong girls

He will be unconditionally by your side, supporting you during your difficult moments, but they also like women who do not let themselves fall, who are always willing to fight and continue their lives despite adversity.

7. They like natural girls

Yes, they love to see that women are careful with their personal grooming and that they make up when they are going to have an appointment, but they are not attracted to girls who exaggerate too much with makeup.

8. They feel attracted to other girls

They will never admit it, but they may notice that there are other beautiful women in the world and they will watch them closely, this does not mean that they no longer feel love for you and that they will leave with the first one that happens, this is part of their nature and They can not help it.

9. They love mimes

They like that you consent to them with massages, hugs, caresses, they love to feel that they are protecting their girlfriend, so they also like you to sleep on their chest, but not all night, they also need their space.

10. They like girls things

Fix your nails, use creams and masks, this is a sign that you like to take care of yourself, so it is best to give them some advice instead of judging them. In addition, they love watching programs and movies for girls, but they will never admit it.

11. They love kisses

They adore the passionate kisses of those that leave you breathless, and also in the neck or chest or everywhere.

12. They also analyze women

If a man invites you to dinner, do not hurry thinking about what kind of banquet they will give at their wedding or where they will go on their honeymoon, go slowly, smiles, flirting lightly, nothing that frightens him and makes him run away.

13. If you wish, order a dessert

It is something that men love: that women who are hungry do not stay with the craving. They prefer that you order a dessert that you then steal from yours.

14. Save some things for you

They do not care if you feel bloated by the rule or if one of your friends is angry with your mom, all those details that do not interest them at all.

15. If a man walks away, he has a motive

When they have an interest in their girl, they will not get away easily and if they do it is for some reason. If you still feel something, you will suffer enough, even if you are not able to admit it.

15 Things Men Do But Would Never Admit (September 2020)