15 Things every mom should do with her young children


Being a mom is a great blessing, and if you now have the fortune to be one, especially a small child, you can not miss this article to know how to get closer to him.

1. Practice fairness

Divide the duties of the house with your child, with this you will help him to know the effort you make with the cleaning of the house, giving him simple responsibilities like picking up his toys, or cleaning something he has thrown away. It is important that a man sees it as something natural to do domestic chores: there is nothing wrong with it.

2. Play with him

Mom can also share with her son activities of men like playing soccer, carts or fights. When your child is smaller, the game is given in different ways and it is natural: you just have to pay attention and enjoy your company.

3. Support your favorite team

If you do not have much pleasure for sports, with the simple fact of knowing that you support him, he will feel your closeness and will join you more. A team can include any group that your child is part of and that is important to him or her.

4. Let her choose her haircut

Let him know that you respect his individuality as he grows up and want to make decisions about his clothes, his haircut and other tastes. It is not about losing your authority but creating a bond of support and confidence that will benefit your self-esteem.

5. Look alike

When he grows up he will not want to do it, but while that happens, enjoy that complicity. Dressing in similar clothes has something fun and special.

6. Teach you new things

Explain what you do not know. Answer your questions and call each thing by its name. A mother can perfectly motivate her love of reading, help her with homework, tell her stories and much more.

7. Have a special day together

It can be a day a week in which only the two leave and do different things to the daily ones. The priority is to have fun, create moments that he will always remember.

8. Hug him, kiss him and tell him how much you love him

Expressing your affection gives you security and will shape your personality. Tell him he can express his love in a sincere way. It is not bad to say what we feel, and your child will have confidence in doing so.

9. Teach her that crying is good

Never tell him that children do not cry: it is a macho vision. A man can and should cry when he needs it. Do not repress your sensitivity, because you will create frustration.

10. Talk with him

Speak daily with him. Ask him how his day has been, how he feels. He will be an expressive and self-confident man.

11. Teach you how to cook

If he knows how to cook, he may be able to serve himself. It makes him independent, just like being able to do many household chores.

12. Tell him secrets

Sharing some personal things just with you lets you know that in any situation you can turn to you. If he knows your secrets, you can know his.

13. Respect your privacy and your space

There will be times when you want to get away from yourself: do not deny it, you are trying to be independent. This does not mean that you have stopped wanting, it is just growing and like you, you need your space.

14. Teach her manners

Always teach to say with permission, please and thank you: they reveal fundamental aspects of your person that will give you an advantage in your social interaction. Being a gentlemanly man will open many doors in the future.

15. Let him have freedom

Giving him freedom does not mean you let him do bad things. Let him choose and so he will get to know himself. You can meet him too. He will know the things that he likes. It will be more responsible.

Being the mother of a man is a huge responsibility, it depends on you to break the patterns that are held over men, which harm society and us women.

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