15 Terrible examples of how the script completely ruined our favorite television series


After a tired week of classes or work, spend your day off reclining with a bowl of popcorn watching your favorite series is priceless.

The disappointing thing is when the writers go crazy and turn the story that simply has no reason to be. Here are some of the ones that bothered us the most. Be careful, this publication contains spoilers.

1. Joey and Rachel trying to be boyfriends

Given the familiar romance between Ross and Rachel, the idea that Rachel and Joey were a couple is incoherent. There were even hordes of fans who criticized the change so surreal in this part of the plot.

2. The relationship of Blair and Dan of Gossip Girl

What the hell is going on? We all know that Dan should be with Serena and Blair with Chuck, that's why it was so weird that Blair kissed his best friend.

3. Dan revealed as the Gossip Girl

The biggest disappointment of the program. This revelation was too much random and I bet no one wanted Dan to be the one behind the intrigues of Gossip Girl. In the end, everyone forgave him even when everything he published made life very complicated for them.

4. The last season of How I Met Your Mother

The writers of the series made us see a full season in which Barney and Robin waited for their wedding and in five seconds they divorced. They make us love Tracy McConnell, better known as the mother; We wait for the whole series to meet her and witness how they killed her in a heartbeat. Basically the character of the mother was used as a womb so that Ted could have children and tell them how he ended up with his soul mate, Robin Scherbatsky. Silly stuff.

5. Everything in Habia una vez

The argument of Habia una vez It has been too long. We all thought it would end when the characters discovered their identity, but no, apparently they continue to appear more characters and more problems. It seems that this will never end.

6. The disappointing story of -A in Pretty Little Liars

Pretty litte liars it is a series of mystery that during six and a half seasons they try to solve a puzzle, so that in the end they reveal who is hiding under the identity of -A; an argument from the manga where many things do not fit, what disappointment! It seems that Marlene King has no idea about what she is writing.

7. The marriage of Lorelai and Christopher in Gilmore Girls

It was completely unexpected and exasperating, all that season was painfully bad but this was the worst.

8. The adventure of Dean and Rory

Come on, it would have been fine just a kiss, but Rory lost her virginity with Dean, a married man!

9. All returning to life in The Vampire Diaries

The characters of this TV series continue to die and revive and it's fine, you expect one or two characters to do it, but there are so many that it has stopped surprising.

10. Elena stays with Damon

First Elena chooses Stefan and she is happy with him. After an accident happens and Damon turns her into a vampire, at what point does the writer decide that she break Stefan's heart and stay with Damon? It is inexplicable.

11. Izzie having sex with Denny's ghost in Grays Anatomy

Please! The argument of Izzie Stevens sleeping with the ghost of Denny Duquette is completely absurd. The justification? A brain tumor

12. McDreamy losing its charm

Derek Shepherd, Dr. McDreamy, a beloved character, who behaves like a real jerk by leaving Meredith alone with his two children to go to work elsewhere, and the suggestion that he is cheating is completely disappointing. It seems that the only solution that Shonda Rhimes found to not lower the concept of this character was to kill him. At this point, the main argument of Grays Amatomy it has become loose with the saturation of intermittent characters and the same formula of intrigue, passenger romances and deceits in the hospital Gray / Sloan Memorial.

13. Carrie breaking Aiden's heart, not once but twice in Sex and the City

Why did they bring him back to the show? Just for her to break his heart one more time? Why did they commit and move together? It's cruel to do this to a character as sweet as Aiden, he just did not deserve it.

14. The change of newborns in Desperate Housewives

When Gaby and Carlos discover that their daughter was changed at birth, it seems only an excuse for Gaby to go crazy.

15. The shots in Glee

The episode of the shooting at school is controversial as it is a very sensitive issue to put the character with Down syndrome, Becky, at risk as he is playing with a weapon.

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