15 Teen movies that are life guides; you will regret not seeing them


In recent years, the film industry has reinvented the way we treat teenagers' problems. Great successes have opened new paths in the way we discuss important issues such as bullying, the first infatuation and the need to fit. And no doubt, no matter how old we are: we will always love these tapes filled with athletic guys, cheerleaders and nerds.

It's time to go back to high school and enjoy some of the best teen movies that will be great for summer vacations.

1. Heavy girls

A young teenager named Cady will have to face a great challenge when she meets the popular girls at her new school. Cady will end up giving a lesson to these girls who torment their peers. The best thing about the film is that it is a satire that criticizes the adolescent society in a brilliant way. And so far there is no film that matches its history and its iconic phrases.

2. If I had 30

Jenna, a 13-year-old girl, will become - as if by magic - a successful adult after having conjured up a wish at her birthday party. Although it is considered a romantic comedy, the tape has a perfect message for all teenagers who desperately want to reach adulthood.

3. A walk to Remember

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, it deals with how two teenagers fall in love despite the fact that they are completely different. It is one of those movies that really impress you, ideal for those who love corny love.

4. Stolen victories

It portrays a squad of high school cheerleaders, who, figuratively speaking, take a back flip to win the competition and beat the opposing team. She is extremely funny and daring, but the way she portrays sports culture and racial tension also gives her a certain depth.

5. The club of five

It is the perfect combination between anguish, passion, hope and friendship. Focused on a group of teenagers who are punished in detention during the weekend. This confinement will make them experience how their differences and personalities will be the most important key to unite them. A story that despite being considered old, causes teenagers from around the world to identify with her.

6. Ten things I hate about you

An adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, of Shakespeare. It revolves around the romance between a senior girl named Kat and the devilishly handsome Patrick. Although in that year any argument related to a bet had already become a cliché, the most moving scene will undoubtedly always be where Kat breaks into tears while reading the poem.

7. Vaseline

This musical starring the bad boy, Danny, and the angelic Sandy, proves once again that love is enough to get rid of school stereotypes. And what better than to be able to sing and dance to the rhythm of their catchy songs.

8. What a girl wants

The free-spirited American teenager must reunite with her English father, and will end up shaking the life of the entire British rich class. It will prove to you that you must always be yourself, and never forget where you come from.

9. Never kissed

A 25-year-old journalist who has never been kissed must pose as a student for a story; The only problem is that he will fall in love with his teacher. A perfect narrative if you are interested in the forbidden romances between teacher and student.

10. The princess's Diary

The story revolves around Mia, a normal teenager from San Francisco who suddenly discovers that she is the heiress to the throne of a European country called Genovia. For the girls who have always felt princesses inside, this is the perfect film, besides being very inspiring for those who want to break the mold that they always impose on them.

11. It is said of me

Olive is an example of what school rumors can achieve, and thanks to her immense popularity, she discovers that she can use it to her advantage. A story that tests the difficult school life in which students see themselves.

12. The new Cinderella

Who does not love Cinderella? This new version is the perfect combination between the classic and the modern. Sam lives under the orders of her self-centered stepmother Fiona and her odious stepsisters, who treat her like the servant girl. His biggest dream is to go Princeton, but his life will get more complicated when he meets his prince charming on the internet.

13. The Duff

Bianca is a normal student with normal friends, who is happy with her life. But her neighbor Wesley will take away her inner peace, when she assures him that she is a Duff, better known as the designated ugly and fat friend. Bianca will devise a plan to reinvent herself. The message of the film is clear: we should never be affected by our physical appearance, but we should live life as we like and please.

14. Sierra Burgess is a loser

They say that when love is true, the physical is the least important. This happens to Sierra, who one day receives a message of love on her cell phone. This situation will unleash a virtual romance with an adorable athlete, who believes that on the other side there is a beautiful cheerleader. A film that leaves aside the stereotypes of beauty to tell a beautiful love story.

15. Perfect notes

The Barden Bellas are an elite group of women, known for their great versions of female pop songs. But after failing, they are forced to regroup. A new student, independent and daring, will encourage the Bellas to let their guard down and try something different.

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