15 Tattoos with white ink to let out the rebellious angel you carry inside


Until a few years ago most of the tattoos were made with black ink, but we are in a new era and that basic color is staying in the past. Now they usually have bright colors and even neon to shine with the lights of the clubs and that gives a plus to their originality. In addition, ideas made only with white ink are emerging.

This new trend of tattoos makes designs look more subtle and delicate because they become almost invisible although, of course, there are those who add a little contrast with darker colors to make them more interesting and eye-catching. In case you do not know them, here we present 15 ideas of tattoos with white ink that you will love.

1. Things are better if I stay

2. Extend the wings

3. Everything is a matter of perspective

4. This is how a snowflake looks

5. Memories of childhood are worn on the skin

6. Face your fears even if they are invisible

7. The best way to remember that you should have courage

8. Life is a role that must be molded

9. Soft, subtle and tender

10. Only love is real

11. Perfect balance and balance

12. Hope

13. Do you want a rose? Accept the thorns

14. Never forget who you really are

15. Subtle, minimalist and special

Eva Kor: "Surviving the Angel of Death: The True Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz" (April 2021)