15 Tattoos with an embroidered effect that even your grandmother will want to have


The latest trend in tattoos is associated with hobby most acclaimed of all the grandmothers: embroidery. Yes, the most known fabric in the world has gone from the mantelillos to the skin, and every time it has more boom among the artists of the ink.

What makes these tattoos special is that, unlike traditional designs, their cross stitch and relief patterns have no dark outline but use color and form to create each design, obtaining a magical effect impossible to ignore .

1. These tattoos have left out the classic designs

2. To bring the magic of color and threads to your skin

3. With embroidery effects in cross stitch and relief

4. Mixing the best of two completely different worlds

5. Each design is unique

6. Reflect culture and passion for art

7. Each tattoo is a story that is embroidered through the years

8. And each stitch is a reflection of the memories that remain alive

9. No matter which design you choose

10. You probably do not stop looking at it

11. Your grandmother is going to love him

12. Just let your imagination fly

13. And embroider on your skin a touch of color

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