15 Tattoo ideas with flowers that will give you a delicate and feminine touch


We have always said that tattoos are a decision that should not be taken lightly, after all, they are marks of ink that will be in your body for life, unless, of course, that you erase them with laser, but we are sure of that you never will.

But let's talk about the important thing: the design. If it is your first tattoo and you want a discreet but at the same time feminine drawing, congratulations. Here we will show you some ideas of delicate flower tattoos that will inspire you. So you can wear a beautiful footprint on your skin and show off with pride.

1. Delicacy and femininity

2. This flower heart will make you fall in love

3. Let the petals fall when the fall arrives

4. Subtle as a memory

5. An eternal flower that feeds on love

6. Let your finger always choose a destination full of flowers

7. Tulips are like an endless cycle

8. If you want the rose, you have to learn to love the thorns

9. Let your sunflower nourish itself with sunlight

10. Remember: you always have to be

11. Delicate, fragile and beautiful

12. Better than an earring

13. Let your skin fill with color

14. Nothing more beautiful than a hummingbird conquering a flower

15. Freedom is a thought that you choose

Ryan Ashley’s Tattoo Evokes an Emotional Childhood Memory | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2) (April 2021)