15 super simple snacks to spice up your movie marathon; Goodbye, popcorn!


Forget the afternoons of Popcorn and give a twist of flavor to your days of series and movies with some delicious and nutritious snack

And although butter popcorn is the best company during a movie marathon, there is a range of flavors, textures and colors waiting to delight your palate and here we give you some options

1. Carrot and celery sticks

In addition to having a low caloric content, you can eat as much as you want as it will help you control your anxiety about unhealthy foods.

2. Nuts

They contain healthy fats for your body, but you can not abuse them.

3. Toast gourmet with goat cheese

All you need is your favorite box bread, goat cheese spread and sliced ​​tomatoes and strawberries.

4. Apples dipped in chocolate

You just have to split them into segments, dip them in liquid chocolate and sprinkle them with whatever you like, from coconut to walnut. Let cool and enjoy.

5. Melon balls with pineapple and chia

Skip the routine and prepare these small skewers that will become your snack Favourite.

6. Spring rolls!

Rice paper will be your new weapon against hunger. Fill it with whatever you want, as a suggestion you can mix carrot, avocado, tomato and tuna.

7. Bananas with peanut butter

Split the banana into two pieces and place a palette stick under each one. Dip in peanut butter and sprinkle pieces of walnut.

8. Crepas

Fill them with whatever you want, be it strawberries, nutella, cajeta or whipped cream.

9. Waffles

They are super-versatile, you can put them chocolate, maple syrup, cajeta, melted butter or snow.

10. French fries

Just imagine some potatoes like that by your side while you watch a movie, you will not want to share them with anyone.

11. Elotes

Who wants popcorn when there are elotes?

12. Yogurt with nuts

Accompany it with fruit, granola or both.

13. Strawberry milkshake

Mix a glass of milk, a cup of ice, a cup of strawberries and three tablespoons of oatmeal.

14. Dorilocos

Since they have everything (literally), you will not have to give up anything.

15. Cucumber

Cut a sliced ​​cucumber and season with lemon juice and chili powder.

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