15 super sexy men that will make you buy a direct flight to Mexico and no return


Although tastes are broken genres, all countries have handsome men who drive us crazy and Mexico could not be left behind. Some of the sexiest men in the world are in this country. It may be his super masculine personality, his way of speaking, his great charisma or his incredible attitude; but we love Mexicans!

In PinkMyRide we showed you the most sexy Colombians, but this time you want to go to the airport to buy a flight without returning to Mexico, because these men will steal your heart.

1. Diego Boneta

That tender good-boy face we met when this 25-year-old actor was only 12 years old and was released to fame thanks to the reality show Fame Code. Little by little he has become one of the most successful Mexican actors of all time, having managed to sneak into American productions and Hollywood movies.

2. Alejandro Nones

This handsome Mexican-Venezuelan actor is one of Mexico's most coveted bachelors. He is 28 years old and has eyes that melt anyone.

3. Pepé Díaz

This man is a handsome businessman who rose to fame to go hand in hand with celebrities such as Eiza González and Belinda, although their relationships failed to achieve the fame of being one of the most sought after gallants in Mexico.

4. Christian de la Campa

This model and actor of 33 years has delighted the pupil of all Mexicans and Latin Americans in productions of Televisa and Telemundo. Without a doubt, he is one of the most handsome men in this country; Who would not want to kiss those lips?

5. Uriel del Toro

This man is a whole case of monerías: actor, musician, model and singer. He also has a spectacular body and he falls as handsome. Thanks Mexico for having men like Uriel!

6. José Ron

This sexy actor has stolen thousands of sighs since his first appearance on Mexican television, and how could he not do it with those big eyes and that perfect smile he has?

7. Gonzalo García Vivanco

This famous actor was made known thanks to his participation in the television series Soy tu fan. Since then he has not stopped loving any woman who crosses his path.

8. José María de Tavira

Despite his disheveled look that only a few have left, this actor is one of the sexiest in Mexico. In addition to talented, has a look that seduces anyone.

9. Mauricio Ochmann

This actor was born in the United States, but all his life he has lived in Mexico. He has one of the most captivating smiles in the world with which he has fallen in love with millions of women.

10. Alan Solomon

This handsome man with hipster style is one of the most popular DJs in the clubs and bars of Mexico City. With her music and, of course, her incredible physique has stolen the hearts of all Mexicans.

11. Rafale Amaya

This sexy man originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, had already won the hearts of thousands of women with his various performances, but he definitely became one of the most desired men in the world thanks to his portrayal of Aurelio Casillas, in the Telemundo series , The Lord of the heavens.

12. Alfonso Herrera

This actor was hated after his performance as a villain in the movie Loving You hurts, but later he conquered thousands of teenagers when he starred in the telenovela Rebel. Now he is a 32-year-old man, talented and super handsome, who keeps stealing sighs from us.

13. Aarón Díaz

At 32, this handsome actor, singer and businessman, is one of the men with the best body in Mexico. He also has a face worthy of any telenovela beau. How no to love him?

14. Raúl Méndez

Originally from Torreón, Coahuila, this northerner, despite his 41 years, is still one of the most coveted men in Mexico.

15. Luis Gerardo Méndez

This guy may not be the most handsome in Mexico, but his talent, his incredible personality, his great sense of humor and why not? his well-defined body has placed him among the most desired men in this country.

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