15 Strange incongruities in Disney films that we still do not understand


We all grew up watching Disney movies and maybe now we keep doing it, classics like The little Mermaid, The Aristocats and Toy Story They are the perfect choice for a Sunday afternoon or for a day with the nephews.

And although the Disney world is full of spectacular stories and charming characters, not everything is perfect; Once you carefully analyze some movies or series, you realize that there are small details that do not make sense or that perhaps the editors did not see before releasing so blockbuster movies to the market.

1. Pluto and Goofy

If both are supposed to be dogs, why does Goofy wear clothes and talk and Pluto remains an ordinary canine?

2. Cinderella

If everything returns to normal at 12 o'clock at night, why do the crystal shoes remain the same?

3. We continue with the glass shoe

If it was supposed to fit him perfectly, why did he fall at the party?

4. The magic makeup

How in the world do you remove all the makeup with your sleeve? We demand to know the brand of your make-up remover.

5. Why Jafar and Aladdin not?

One of the wishes of the protagonist is to become a prince, and when the genie gives it to him, apparently only change their clothes and a festive parade begins, why when Jafar becomes Sultan gives him the power over the kingdom and the palace?

6. Beauty and the Beast

If the castle was very close to the village, how did no one realize the lost prince and the haunted castle?

7. The little Mermaid

If Ariel read and signed the contract with à "rsula, why did not he write Prince Eric a message telling him that he saved his life?

8. Ariel and Eric on the lake

A small mistake of the illustrators: Ariel appears with her hair loose and a ribbon, but in the shade she is reflected with a ponytail.

9. Toy Story

If Buzz Lightyear thinks he's a space guardian, why does he freeze when Andy enters the room?

10. Toy Story II

Why is not Hamm and Rex reflected on the television in front of them?

11. Pirates of the Caribbean

If the Flying Dutchman always has to have a captain and only the one who kills the previous one can, what would have happened if Will Turner stabs his own heart? Does the curse melt?

12. Sleeping Beauty

This is an interesting historical error since the film is set in the fourteenth century and the waltz began to dance until the sixteenth century.

13. The mystery of the potatoes

Valiente's film is set in medieval Scotland around the 11th century. In this scene the family is eating vegetables and potatoes, but the potatoes did not exist in Europe until 500 years later.

14. Bernardo and Bianca

How does Bianca change her wardrobe in two?

15. Tarzan

This film takes place around 1890. When Professor Archimides Porteral sees Tarzan, he indicates that the whole world will want to know him, including Darwin, Kipling and Queen Victoria. The detail is that Darwin died in 1882.

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