15 Songs to dedicate to your BFF; show him why he is your favorite girl


We all have the habit of dedicating songs mainly to our boyfriend, often forgetting our friends who, no matter what, support us, listen and advise us when we need it most. There is nothing better than thanking them with a song for what they do for us.

We leave you some of the best you should have right now in your playlist, They will show all the love you have for your friends.

1. Youre My Best Friend What in

This classic rock from the famous band Queen will remind your friend how much you appreciate her.

2. Wannabe Spice Girls

Nothing like celebrating friendship with this song so sticky.

3. Count on Me Bruno Mars

Remind him that he will always be able to count on you. There is nothing better than loyalty between friends.

4. With a Little Help From my Friends the Beatles

The British group makes us appreciate that bad times are easier to digest with friends.

5. Anytime You Need a Friend Mariah Carey

It is always good to have a friend who reminds you how nice life is.

6. Everybody Hurts R.E.M.

It is good to hold on to your friends when the pain seems insurmountable.

7. Lean On Major Lazer

We all need someone to support us.

8. Friends Meghan Trainor

The perfect song to tell your friend that you will always be there for her.

9. Monopoly Ariana Grande

The music video of Ari is the greatest example of a perfect relationship between friends. So talk to them to sing this success together.

10. Ill Be There The Jackson 5

This unforgettable song by the Jackson brothers leaves us the precious message that, wherever you are, you can always count on me.

11. Army Ellie Goulding

Ellie will make you love her song. She talks about how her best friend helped her overcome the bad times, like an army.

12. See You Again Wiz Khalifa

If you're ready to get emotional, this is your song. The melody was originally a tribute to Paul Walker. Talk about friends who become family.

13. Me & My Girls Fifth Harmony

Never forget what you are able to achieve together.

14. Cool Hermanos Jonas

The song of the Jonas is a reminder that friends leave their differences for the love they have. A melody that inspires you to have a good time.

15. Friends Cheetahs The Cheetah Girls

It will remind you of your Disney Channel days with nostalgia. A beautiful song that shows the true bond of friendship.

A letter to my best friend:) (December 2021)