15 Small changes that will improve your life in a great way and forever


A new dawn, a new day, it's time to make some improvements! Fortunately, it's almost as simple as saying it; Even the smallest things can feel like huge steps on the way to becoming a better version of yourself. If you set your mind on achieving a new and improved version of yourself, you can achieve it in a very short time.

Do you feel tired of the routine ?, You have that feeling that things could be better in your life but you do not know how to achieve it. Here is a list of 15 changes you can make to be a better person.

1. Clean your cell phone notifications

The dirt, even if the garbage is on your computer or on your cell phone, makes the energy stagnate, if you are one of those who have 3,567 unread emails and 150 Facebook notifications, today may be the day that changes.

2. Look for the positive side of things

If you focus on the negative and do not stop complaining all day, the only thing you will achieve is to attract all of that into your life. Could you spend 24 hours without complaining about anything? That is a challenge.

3. Tell someone how much you want it

Sometimes we assume that the people we love know, without having to be saying it; However, saying it can generate an incredible effect. Talk to your mom, write to your best friend or make your brother laugh, you'll see how good it feels.

4. Learn something new

It's never too late to learn something new. Study a language, get into a music course, take a diploma, a cooking course; It does not matter, learning new things will keep you renewed and happy.

5. Clean your space

Having your personal space and clean work will not only make you feel more comfortable, it will also give space for new things to come into your life. Do not accumulate objects that are only occupying a space in your life.

6. Smile

Start with you This morning, smile when you look in the mirror. Then continue with the others, with your co-worker, with your family, with the people that cross your path. You never know who needs your good vibes and at the same time that will charge you with energy.

7. Exercise

Exercising will not only help you release the stress of work, it will make you feel better, it will fill you with energy and improve your physical health. It is not necessary that you register to the gym or develop a rigorous routine, go out running ten laps to the park or do 6 sessions of 20 crunches is enough. With which you accelerate your heart rate you are already improving your life.

8. Plant a tree

Being able to give life and contribute, albeit on a small scale, to changing the world will make you feel better person and you will contribute to renew the oxygen that we breathe. All the great changes start with something small. Also, if it is at home, watching it grow will give great satisfaction.

9. Disconnect from the internet

Being away for a few hours or a few days from the slavery to which technology has plunged us, especially the internet and social networks, will allow you to focus your attention on other aspects of life.

10. Leave a bad habit

According to some studies change a habit can take between 21 days and 10 months, everything depends on the habit. Caffeine, cigar, television, whatever bad habit you have, you can change it, the control of your life depends on you; It's all about doing your best every day.

11. Wake up 15 minutes earlier

15 minutes may seem like a short time in theory, but it may be enough so that in the mornings you do not arrive running to work, have breakfast or finish patiently arranging yourself. These 15 minutes will change your routine.

12. Reread your favorite book

Literature transports you to other horizons, allows you to live other realities and even travel to other eras, a good idea to forget a little of the world is to reread that story that you like so much.

13. Take five minutes for you

Sometimes, between so much work and obligations it is difficult to find a space for you. Find at least five minutes to be alone, go for a walk, reflect and thank for the blessings you have, meditate, breathe fresh air. Give yourself this time for yourself.

14. Ask for forgiveness

Forget those old or new quarrels that the only thing they bring to your life are unpleasant feelings. Sorry, put on your hat of humility and apologize, if that person is not here, write a letter, that will make you feel more free.

15. Stop blaming others for your mistakes

Remember, the only person responsible for your life is you. Do not blame others for things that do not turn out the way you were expecting, everything that happens in your life is a consequence of a decision you made in the past. Take control of your life and take responsibility for who you are.

One for each day of the month and you will not be the same again.

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