15 Small and insignificant things that he does and mean MORE than a love you

When it comes to love, how do you know when your partner really loves you? Any man can say I love you. Any man can mutter those two words. Or you can say one thing and do another.

If he has told you that he loves you, the best way to know if it is true is to follow the advice that a wise mother once gave: Never believe anything that men say; just believe what men do. So pay attention to how he shows you that he really loves you.

1. Attend places you do not like, just for you

Obviously, he does not want to go to your co-worker's party, but if you're there, none of the details matter.

2. Will stay with you on a Friday, when you are sick, even if you risk getting infected

He wants to be with you in good times and bad times. There are no limits to your love or devotion for you. Taking care of yourself is better than a night without you.

3. Can sleep with you without sexual innuendos

Being in bed is not a preamble to having sex. It's just another nice place for both of you that like to hang out.

4. He lives with your friends

He knows that integrating and appreciating your friends makes you happy, so he has made an effort to get to know them.

5. Go where you want to go to dinner

Put your desires in the background, and do it to please you.

6. Buy the snacks that you like the most

At home you can find your favorite chocolates and green tea, because he does not see you like any other guest.

7. It will always respond to messages

Maybe I can not answer your call, but it will never let you stay with a message without an answer.

8. Pay attention to the little things and remember them later

He knows the books you like to read and remembers your fish allergy since you mentioned it.

9. Try to make your friends your friends

We already said that he has tried, right? Because you want what is important in your life to become an important part of yours: If that means double dating, so be it.

10. He makes you feel safe

He wants you to feel comfortable and protected with him, so he treats you with all attention and respect.

11. Tells you that you are beautiful when you wake up

Because you are, and true love sees beyond appearance (including your tousled hair in the morning).

12. He even listens to you when you do a drama for something insignificant

13. He is affectionate and shows you his affection in front of others

He is not ashamed to admit that he has a girlfriend and hugs you in front of them. He is proud of their relationship.

14. He gives you advice when you need it and you ask him

Not only do you listen to your problems, you worry about them too. He wants to see you happy, and that means he tries to put himself in your place when you've had a bad day.

15. He does not need to tell you that he loves you!

Do not doubt if he loves you, nor do you feel insecure because he does not tell you every day. You know that he loves you because of the way he looks at you, respects you and acts when he is with you.

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