15 Situations that only girls who wear glasses at a young age can understand

It all starts with small headaches, you close and open your eyes so you can focus something at a distance or at night you discover that the lights dazzle you and do not let you see; so your mother says to you: I think you need glasses. When you're still a girl, you do not know what that means.

Start a Calvary to get used to, because in addition to the physical symptoms, people do not let you forget that you are a new member of the famous club of the four eyes. Therefore, these are some situations that you are sure you lived if you started using glasses when you were very small.

1. The first time you went to school with glasses

They all looked at you and asked you what it felt like.

2. And they asked you to lend them your glasses

There was never a lack of comment about your extreme blindness.

3. When you lost them for the first time

The adrenaline of having to tell your mother what happened.

4. Or when they broke while playing

And you had to put a little tape on it, which made them look worse.

5. When the nicknames began

People should look for something to do.

6. You had to be at the front of the room

And of course your companions thought you were a proud sack.

7. Copying an exam was impossible

You never got to see the answers of your companions.

8. Running was not so easy

You always had to hold the glasses with your hands so they would not slip.

9. And it was worse if it started to rain

They blurred and did not allow you to see anything.

10. Going to the movies was a torment

And more if the movie was in 3D.

11. You can not wear sunglasses

Because you can not see anything, but then you do not cover yourself with the intense light and you can not see anyway.

12. When you forgot the lenses

All day you had to squint your eyelids to decode what the teacher wrote on the blackboard.

13. When you took them off

And people told you that you looked prettier without them, but you did not know because you could not see yourself in the mirror without your glasses.

14. When you wanted to rest from them

And you confused squirrels with rats.

15. When you forgot where they were

And many times you brought them.

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