15 Simple tricks that will save your life to avoid fluffy hair


Having fluffy hair is more irritating than the sound of the morning alarm. The causes of the dreaded frizz they can be the dehydration of the hair, the use of products that damage the hair fibers, the pincers and the humidity of the climate.

To end this annoyance we have compiled the best beauty and health tips that will give your hair a second chance antisponge.

1. Treat it with an anti-aging mask frizz

After the use of tongs, some products for the hair and pollution in general, it is normal for your hair to cry out for you to hydrate it.

2. Attack the problem from the root

Frizz is not a condition, but a symptom. In most cases it is due to a lack of hydration or an excess of products and tongs.

3. Take advantage of the properties of beer

Rinse your hair with beer after a hot bath This will make it manageable thanks to the vitamins of the beer that will keep the root hydrated.

4. A little coconut to comb it

Use coconut or olive oil to comb, both are very greasy, so you should use very little. Place small amounts on your yolks and spread from the tips to the root. You will avoid the frizz in a natural way and it will leave a very soft smell.

5. Apply a natural lotion

Mix honey and mineral water. Empty it in an atomizer and apply every morning before bathing from the root. You can put a little more on your hair throughout the day.

6. Do not dry brush

This will only make it happen frizz and sponge a lot more. If you want to brush, do it immediately after the bath and with a brush of few bristles and flat.

7. Do not abuse the heat

If you are going to use a curling iron, do not use a dryer and vice versa. Also avoid using them every day.

Extra tip: if you are going to dry it with heat it is better that when you go out to bathe you wrap it in a cotton shirt; Only this way you will achieve moisture absorption in a healthy way.

8. Give your shampoo a unique touch

You only have to mix four or five spoonfuls of natural oil (coconut, olive or almonds) with your shampoo and apply it as you normally do. Rinse quickly.

9. Say goodbye to your brush

Your comb is really one of those responsible for looking like a lion. The problem is that by separating the natural tufts of your hair, it increases the overall volume (and if the bristles are synthetic, it is sure to be causing electricity). Better opt for one of thick bristles of wood, you will notice the difference.

10. Do not abuse the products

Apply the correct amounts for each hair product.

11. Raise the temperature according to your texture

Use the heat tongs at the right temperature according to your hair. Although you think that, the hotter the better, the reality is that drying your hair more will cause it to sponge faster.

12. Give a rose scent

In an atomizer mix two tablespoons of aloe vera, two tablespoons of coconut oil or argan, as you prefer, and half a cup of rose water (you can do the infusion by immersing clean petals all night). The result? Silky hair, without frizz and with a delicious smell.

13. Protect it from the sun

To avoid the damage caused by the sun's rays, wear a hat, handkerchief or whatever best suits your look. You can also use a special sunscreen for hair.

14. An extra touch of hydration

Mix 10 drops of liquid glycerin with your conditioner to provide greater hydration.

15. Do not forget to drink water

The hair, like the skin, must be kept hydrated. The ideal is to drink more than 2 liters a day and keep in constant hydration eating fruits and vegetables abundantly.