15 Simple tips to make your bathroom look spectacular


Whether you have a bathroom that is too big or too small, it is always advisable to make good use of the space. For this reason we show you some practical ideas that will help you organize and store your bathroom items in a more conventional way.

1. Take advantage of the bathroom furniture door by placing storage containers.

2. Use the space around your bathtub to store the towels

3. Make a towel organizer with cans

4. Place a towel rack on the back of the door

5. On a piece of ribbon organize the hair clips

6. Fix a wooden board with glass jars to the wall and use it to organize items

7. Place shelves on the back of your bathroom cabinet door

8. Use PVC pipes or baskets to store your dryer and hair clips

9. In the organizer under the lava lava

10. Change the function of a wine rack to organize your clean towels

11. Storage support by levels that can be manufactured with a candelabra and plates, or a pastry.

12. Transform a drawer in a cabinet for your bathroom

13. Place a narrow door on your bathroom cabinet for items such as bottles or the hair dryer.

14. Use baskets to organize

15. Employing multi-level storage systems saves space

Source: Architecture and design

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