15 Simple recipes you can try before ordering fast food


Being independent is not as simple as we imagined, but achieving it fills us with satisfaction and at the same time teaches us to value everything our parents have done for us, from buying clothes, paying tuition, to everyday food.

Precisely this last point is the one that causes more conflicts when living alone, because the culinary art is not exactly the strength of many. To prevent you from running home to your parents asking for a little food, we share 15 simple recipes that will turn you into a professional chef.

1. Pizza with Arabic bread

Look at the recipe here.

2. Swiss enchiladas with chicken

Here you can see the recipe for this delicious dish.

3. Spaghetti poblano

Do not forget any ingredient.

4. Peach snow

Pamper your palate with a sweet touch. Follow the recipe.

5. Rajas with cream and chicken

Your mom will be surprised with this dish. Enter here to see the recipe.

6. White rice

Mom's favorite. Follow the recipe here.

7. Rice with milk

With this recipe you will learn how to prepare your grandmother's favorite dessert.

8. Spring pasta

If you are taking care of the line this recipe is ideal for you.

9. Omelet with spinach

For a balanced breakfast. Check the recipe here.

10. Stuffed zucchini

Do not be afraid to prepare this delight with these steps.

11. Wrap of chicken

In this link you will find the necessary instructions to prepare your wraps.

12. Chiles in nogada

Here you can see the recipe for this dish.

13. Crepes filled with cream cheese and chocolate

A delicacy for the weekend. Follow the instructions.

14. Hawaiian hamburger

Goodbye street food. Prepare your own hamburger at home.

15. Drowned burrito

You will want to eat more than one. Check recipe here.

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