15 Simple ideas to organize your shoe collection and save space in your home


One of the main problems that all girls have with our wardrobe is clutter. It is not that we like to see the clothes watered by the bedroom, in reality most of the times there is a very small space that limits the arrangement of clothes, accessories and shoes, and that is when everything becomes a terrible disaster.

Fortunately there is already Pinterest, the website that has tips on organization to make your life easier. This time we found some brilliant ideas so that your shoes are not scattered throughout the bedroom. With these organizational tips you will achieve that your shoes will not be damaged, and you can even make your wardrobe look like a celebrity's.

1. The pallets they are always helpful for decoration

2. Keeping shoes in acrylic boxes will not mistreat them

3. These small commodes help save space

4. Magazine racks can be used to accommodate your sandals

5. If you do not want the shoes to be noticed, hide them with a curtain

6. Place woven baskets near the entrance to store them

7. This way your boots will not be damaged

8. A white shelf will highlight your favorite shoes

9. This type of furniture also works as a dressing table

10. Use a metal grid to hang your heels

11. Wooden stairs have become a great element of decoration

12. Use hooks to hang your flats

13. If you like bohemian design, this is for you

14. These fabric organizers help save space

15. Arrange them next to the balls and plants, so you will have harmony

33 Brilliant Ideas to Store Your Shoes (January 2022)