15 Simple hairstyles to go to school that will not cost you more than 5 minutes


Most girls want our hair, in addition to healthy, always look chic, But the idea of ​​getting up early to achieve an impeccable hairstyle is overwhelming. Luckily, the finishing is increasingly used disheveled which mixes textures like waves and straight hair.

You can also include accessories that go beyond tiaras, such as flowers, pearls or ribbons, that will give you a style boho and carefree in less than five minutes.

1. Give it a touch chic to your hairstyle

2. Enhance your ponytail

3. Get a natural style

4. Master your hair with a bun

5. Give your braids a new look

6. Take advantage of the Viking style

7. Simple and cute to use at any party

8. One ponytail to The Office

9. Perfect waves without visiting the beauty salon

10. Keep your accessories in place

11. Soft waves for the beach

12. Pick up your hair delicately

13. Triple pigtail to catch the eyes

14. It's so simple that you'll want to use it every day

15. Let your side ponytail come out of the ordinary