15 Signs that you're not really a materialistic girlfriend


Many people look for a relationship based on the gifts they can get from their partner, but you know that you are not the kind of girl who focuses only on the material things that a man can offer you, simply because you understand that love is what more important.

Being next to the person you love is the most incredible thing in the world and you can not understand how there are women who look more for a man's portfolio than their feelings. Spending time with a man who values ​​you and corresponds to you is the most rewarding. These are the signs that you are not a materialistic girlfriend

1. You love your boyfriend for what he is and not for what he has

You went falling in love little by little for his treatment towards you, did not question how much money he had in the bank or if he was able to take you on a trip over the weekend; He is the most important thing in the world to you, especially for his beautiful personality.

2. Do not try to change the way you are

That's how you met him and you fell in love with him, you do not have to force him to do what you want, because that's perfect for you.

3. You are open with him

You let him know you as you really are, because you know that your personality is the most attractive in you.

4. You care more about your presence than your gifts

On important dates what you most want is to see it and you are not waiting to see what it bought you and, of course, do not compare what he gives you what you bought him.

5. The little details make you happy

A letter, dancing without music, talking all night are the things you really want and treasure.

6. They share everything they have

What is yours is yours and what is yours is yours, it does not matter who has more; They both decided to share what they had without making any buts.

7. You always tell him what you think and feel

If something you do not like or bother you, you are able to say it without problems and you do not beat around the bush.

8. You do not make a fuss because it does not give you gifts

If you miss a special occasion or are too busy to go shopping, do not make tantrums by demanding something that you know you can not give yourself at the moment. If he is born, he will do it a little later.

9. You prefer spontaneous appointments

The unplanned moments are the best: going out to dinner in the corner or talking in the square or in the park, adding those funny details that only you know.

10. You do not like me to give you things after a fight

If you had a discussion, do not expect it to come with a gift to reassure the situation, you just want it to be clear and trust you.

11. You prefer to listen to it than to go shopping

Spending time by your side makes you feel happy, so why go out to the mall if you can spend the evening cuddling.

12. You offer to pay when they go out to dinner

You can also invite him to a romantic dinner or a movie outing; You make the effort to make it happy. Those times have already passed in which men paid for everything.

13. No questions about your salary or what you have

You do not want to know, you have your own income and you can give your own gifts. What he has is yours and only if you want to share it you accept.

14. You are not vain, you know that he loves you for how you are

You are not aware of fashion magazines or what you have to buy to be in in what is coming; You are yourself and you expect it to be reciprocal.

15. You give him free time

You are not harassing him or jealous, you understand that he also has the right to go out with his friends and you can not be on top of him all the time. While you respect your time together, you are happy.

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