15 Signs that you have found your best friend


We all need a confidant in our lives. Many of us have the happiness of having found it and we thank life for it; many others have not yet been able to identify it, but surely they already have one by their side.

To help you do it, we present the 15 signs that show you that you have your best friend by your side.

1. No matter the time or day, it is always there for you

You have the complete confidence that it does not matter if it is 3:00 in the morning, if you are out for a walk, vacation or even celebrating Christmas. She is always available to listen and support you.

2. You can be honest

Among you there is no fear of saying things as they are, because they know how to respect their differences.

3. Secrets do not exist

They can tell each other without fear of being judged and with full confidence that they will be safe.

4. You can be yourself

Appearances do not exist among you, because she has always been by your side sharing all kinds of experiences and knows you better than anyone else.

5. You live in your house 24/7 and vice versa

This makes families treat them as one more member.

6. Causes anxiety to move away

Many would think that by distancing themselves the anxiety invades them. But in reality they know how to respect the activities and time of each one.

7. The talks always continue

It does not matter if life distances them by days, weeks or months, when they see each other again, they continue their conversation at the point where they stayed.

8. Discussions are always resolved

They are clear that a small difference will not make them lose their friendship. So they always seek to solve things.

9. She always defends you

If someone dares to speak behind your back, he will defend you regardless of the situation, because he knows perfectly who you are.

10. They have plans for the future

You do not always need a couple to make plans, but a good friendship like yours will always be full of future plans, such as trips, parties and other projects.

11. It helps you make the right decisions

It is the first person you call before accepting a job, selecting a school or even knowing how to dress.

12. Laughter is never lacking

It always encourages you in the saddest moments. He knows how to make you laugh, even when you're bored.

13. Do not criticize

She respects you and loves you as you are. Never criticize your clothes, hair and much less your way of being.

14. She feels proud of you

Although I do not always express it, she will always be proud of your achievements.

15. Your friendship is for life

Congratulations! You have found your true life companion, because you know that no matter the time, distance or differences she will always be there to support you.

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