15 Signs that you and your BEST FRIEND are too close

When a friendship starts, it is like all new relationships: you like that girl but you do not want to seem too enthusiastic and suffocate her if you try to create a bond by casually asking her: How are you doing? , before moving on to what will you do this weekend? , all while you wait in secret to invite you to spend more time with her.

But in this case, you know that your friendship will be different because it's as if you fall in love with it. They have too many things in common, and the confidence increases to the point where you stop worrying about closing the bathroom door. When your friends ask you if you want to leave, they assume they will arrive together. However, things start to give you a bit of fear when you ask yourself if you two are, maybe, too close because things like this happen.

1. You start to like the terrible TV shows that she likes

You know: you say you hate them but when your best friend is watching one of your favorites, it is likely that you will get some and just after 2 or 3 episodes, you will have become addicted.

2. You know each one of your stories, so much that you can tell them as yours

You've heard her high school anecdotes so many times, or that story about the most shameful night she's ever had, that you can retell it with semicolons, just as she told you, and make it sound like you've lived through those experiences .

3. Your periods are synchronized

It's something that many women have in common with their close friends so much so that it has been proven scientifically. The most likely thing is that they end up using the same brand of tampons because it is thus more practical. Friends who have colic together, stay together: it's law!

4. They use the same expressions

Maybe it's because they've lived in the same city for too long, in fact, but they can not avoid using the same fashion abbreviations and laughing out loud (LOL) all the time (IRL). They have been stuck without even realizing it.

5. They know how to exchange roles to favor their personalities

The others know that one supports the other. When one wants to stay at home, even though both know that their friends will ask why neither of them has arrived at the bar they like, they decide not to leave. (What happens is that you are 2 for one, and you have reached an agreement: if one feels homelike, then both are.)

6. You can talk about your family as if it were yours, and vice versa

In fact you have your brothers and cousins ​​added to Facebook, and of course she has yours.

7. They dress the same without wanting

How many times have you dressed separately, without commenting on what they will wear, and suddenly you enter your room and surprise! She is wearing something very similar to yours? Too many times. Right now!

8. They are really good to choose your type

In general, with close friends it is always a danger to have similar tastes in the matter of men, but she and you are so close that there is no possibility that one even think about turning to see the same boy because he will be thinking about how to support you.

9. Both know the power of the look

Just like in the wedding scene in a movie, where the friend tells the girlfriend in her speech that they both know what the other wants to say by just flipping her over to see. We all know what look we are talking about, right?

10. They play to change their identity with people who do not know them

Sometimes, when they go out together, they like to play to exchange their name, occupation and interests when talking with new people. The first one to forget that they are playing, loses.

11. You are irrationally jealous and possessive with her

It goes beyond the moments when you've seen another girl talking to your boyfriend: that's not nothing compared to someone trying to take away your best friend. Breathe!

12. They speak fluently, I have a full mouth

It is not that one finishes the sentences of the other at any time, but when one of the two has a mouth full of food and hears the other stammering, the sentence can end without problem. It's your language, I have a full mouth.

13. 9 out of 10 times are more successful in a double date than in a solo

The best friends are more or less a package contract, so why leave only one when you can invite your best friend too and have a fun double date? It is evident that together they are much more charismatic, adorable and fun. You know what they say: Two are better than one!

14. They know the corporal functioning of each one

Including (but not limited to) your digestive cycle, the signs of a cold and extreme pain, such as when you almost die from a urinary tract infection.In fact, you proposed to be her emergency contact, but you never thought that she would take it into account until you saw her, at 4 in the morning, shouting at all the emergency personnel to attend to your best friend.

15. You can imagine a future together more than with any romantic couple

You can clearly imagine aging with her and being together in a nursing home, sitting in a wheelchair and playing ONE with dentures. Speaking of the old days, when they were 23 and chasing the boys.

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