15 signs that he treats you the way you really deserve


The secret to having a happy relationship is to see the other person as a complement and, for that, we need to consider it our equal. Many times it is difficult, because we are selfish by nature and consider our own interests more important than those of others. However, the world does not revolve around our individuality, and the moment when it becomes evident to us is when we fall in love. Then, something magical happens: we meet someone we believe may be more important than us.

The keyword that shows that importance for the other is called consideration; appreciation; respect. You and he deserve a special place, and that's the measure of how much they love each other.

1. He gives you his attention from the moment you wake up

While grumbling about the sunrise that has forced him to wake up, he approaches and surrounds you with his arm; kisses your forehead No matter what your routine is every morning, he expresses how wonderful it is for you to wake up with him.

2. He not only feeds your body, but also your spirit

A man who is in love enjoys satisfying his wife. With the same ease you will buy a box of chocolates that a book, because he knows that reading is your favorite pastime: as well as know your tastes, know your passions and what excites you.

3. He loves to surprise you

Maybe I will buy you small gifts, make some earrings for you, take flowers, travel or prepare a picnic for both of you. When a man does something to surprise you, it's because he understands how important it is to keep excitement alive in their relationship.

4. Spend time with you because you want to, not because you feel obligated

You do not have to beg him to go out, to see him, to spend some time together. On the contrary, he often has to control his impulse to want to see you often because he fears being anxious, however, he feels the urge to spend almost all his time with you.

He knows how to give you the space you need and take what he needs, but he never stops being there for you.

5. When you make plans, you are part of them

As far as he is concerned, you are his plan. The life that the two will create together is the only thing he needs to plan. Everything else will be solved when the time comes, together.

6. Consult you before making big decisions

In a relationship it is important to share decision making. If the man you are with treats you well, he will not only include you because he knows you want him to do it, but because he values ​​your opinions and what you can contribute.

7. He does not lie to you because he really has nothing to lie about

Not all men are cursed. Not everyone lies, cheats and breaks your heart. Some, maybe many, but he does not. He refuses to behave like other idiots have behaved with you. He will not lie to you, and he will never have a reason to do so.

And how can you be so sure? Because not lying is a decision, and he has decided not to do it.

8. Tells you that you look beautiful when you feel worse

For him you are always beautiful, although when you feel fatal, you look terrible. You know what? He refuses to tell you because he does not want you to think of you more than a beautiful woman.

9. Tells you about your day and asks about yours

He wants to know about your life because he feels that by knowing what happens in your day, he becomes, in a certain way, an important part. He also enjoys telling you what happens in his day, the interesting stories or the issues he must solve. He wants to share with you and wants you to share with him.

10. The only time it makes you cry is happiness

There is nothing in the world that breaks your heart more than seeing you cry. Hates the mere fact of thinking that you are suffering and it affects you so much that you will share your pain. If he could, he would change for you right away, and he can not help but feel bad when something hurts, so he would never hurt you.

11. He tells you that he loves you, although you already know

This is where most men and to be fair, also women make a big mistake. If you love someone, it is less important to love them than to love them or to make them feel loved.

It seems that we understood it the other way around. We live the illusion that the way we feel is a way of telling the other that we love him, and on the contrary, love is defined by actions, not emotions.

Unless he knows how to make you feel loved (and do everything possible to do so), he will be being selfish or thinking only of himself. And that can not be love.

12. He gives you the biggest half

It shows it through the little things, like those moments when he thinks of you before him; when he gives you the biggest half of some sandwich, of the bed, of the closet of his heart. The biggest half of his life.

People are always going to think of ourselves first and then the others, at least most of the time. But those small acts of generosity from him to you are, truly, proof of his love for you.

13. Makes you feel safe

He may not be the tallest, the smartest, the fastest or the strongest man in the world, but when it comes to the truth, he is capable of dying trying to save you rather than allowing you to be harmed by someone.

In your heart you know that he would risk his life to save yours, if the time came. And even though you would never ask her to do that, or you would push her if she wanted to stand between you and a bullet, knowing that she is capable makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

14. Keep your promises

Maybe he does not promise you many things, if only to make them less likely to fail you, but when he does, he always does it. He knows you trust and have faith in him, so he does not want to disappoint you. He just wants you to be happy.

15. Makes you feel like a woman

Maybe you're your best friend, your partner, your confidant, your counselor, your better half, but first of all, you're a woman: your wife. And he wants you to feel like one. He treats you with respect. Makes you feel sexy It makes you feel loved.

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