15 Signs of true love explained by Disney characters


There is nothing like the feeling of being in love. It's magical, exciting and we're honest, sometimes scary; especially when you experience sensations like goose bumps, butterflies in your stomach, your heart beating faster and sweating the palms of your hands.

Still, despite all the symptoms, you keep asking yourself: How do I know if it's true love? To answer you, I have resorted to the wisdom of the Disney characters.

1. Although you decide to take things slowly

2. You end up falling

3. Watching it becomes your favorite pastime

4. You have developed a severe case of frequent flushes

5. You feel butterflies in your stomach all the time

6. This is your reaction every time the phone rings

7. And this one when you do not answer the call

8. When you have an appointment at night, you do not mind sharing one last bite.

9. You feel constant anxiety when you walk away

10. So they can not be separated for long

11. A simple kiss makes you feel that way

12. And so

13. And so too!

14. You have constant fantasies about your wedding day (more than you want to admit)

15. You just can not imagine your life without that person!

Have you experienced any of these feelings?

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