15 Shoe styles of the 90s that we definitely do not want to remember


Although the fashion of the 90s is returning with great force, there are styles that should remain only in our memory. Many girls became obsessed with shoes and sandals, especially if they had platforms, were transparent or were made to take a shower.

We have to admit that some were really horrible. Like these 15 shoes of the 90 that already belong to the past. Fortunately, it seems that now we have improved when choosing our shoes.

1. Chunky Heels

This type of platform seemed to be made by Frankenstein.

2. Jelly Sandals

The sandals Jelly They were very fresh, but we can not ignore the fact that after an hour your feet were full of sweat and at the end of the day they ended up smelling bad.

3. Skechers

This type of footwear became a sensation among the housewives, because they could do the cleaning of their house and lose weight a little.

4. Mules Slingback

They were heavy, very heavy, so you got tired easily.

5. School shoes

They were meant to complement the uniform of a school, but the girls started wearing them with skirts and leggins, making them look horrible.

6. Platforms chunky of Steve Madden

This is a horrible crime of fashion.

7. Tennis with wheels

They were uncomfortable, impractical, heavy and horrible.

8. Platform ankle boots Robert Clergerine Wedge

You really doubted if it was a heel covered by a mesh.

9. Holographic heels

This attractive shoe had some fish that moved when you moved your foot, surprisingly not?

10. Flatform striped

There was no other shoe that girls loved more than platform sandals.

11. Clogs

These types of shoes were probably the noisiest and most annoying that existed.

12. Plastic sandals

If you used them frequently you ran the risk of them breaking easily, because the platform was too heavy and the plastic very light.

13. Rainbow boots

His combination of colors made all eyes focused on you.

14. Running shoes Club Kid

That way you would never lose the style while you were exercising.

15. Sugar Floatie

They were too comfortable, but their design was horrible.

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